Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's all your fault

I fully blame the EGE for jinxing me while I was painting set stuff this morning. He said that the tiger thing during drama yesterday made sense 'cause my hair is kinda orangeish, so of course this morning I had to get black paint in my hair. I also got it all over my pants, but I was wearing the ripped pants from my costume, and I'll never wear these in real life again, so it's ok that I got paint all over them.

Unfortunately, both knees are really bruised from my tiger thing so kneeling to paint was not fun at all.

I also have a bruise from percussion ensemble and playing the tambourine (you're s'posed to hit it with the meaty part of your hand/thumb-ish area, but I eventually started hitting it with my wrist so there's a big bruise there too.)

I'm gonna work on some homework, since I have quite a bit and the EGE is being a twit and going to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert today so he isn't available to talk.

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