Thursday, November 18, 2010

collective opinions

I think this week is just Hell Week for everyone, not just people in the play. I mean, I'm pretty much perennially stressed out and this is making it a helluva lot worse, but I'm not the only one. Our math teacher is usually really good about getting our stuff graded and handing it back the day after we take a quiz or test or whatever, and even she was too swamped to finish our tests. And the EGE finally snapped from marine science and planning the NHS induction and other superior crap that I'm not going to into and went off on me when I told him he had missed the NHS yearbook picture (oh yeah, we also had to do all the club pictures for the yearbook. That was a lot of fun). Granted, it was about time, since whenever I'm pissed (and that's far too often), I always go off on him, so I guess it's only fair.

So yeah. I cannot wait for this week to end. I can't wait til Saturday and Sunday when I can sleep. Heck, today I actually got to come home after school and have it not be dark. That hasn't happened since... a while ago.

But no, I have band rehearsal at 5, then Senior Night to play at, then rehearsal til 10. So including the 7 hours I spent at school already, I'll have been there for a full 12 hours when all is said and done. Ugh.

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