Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Because my morning started out incredibly scarily, but turned better.

Ok so I was driving to school this morning, and I was coming up a hill to the intersection where the town post office is. We had a green light, but the oncoming traffic had a turn signal so we were waiting for them to finish turning. All of a sudden, a minivan and a truck collide in the intersection. I don't even really remember who was coming from where, from where I was it looked like the minivan hit the truck (though that obviously doesn't make sense 'cause a minivan wouldn't do much damage to a big box truck.)

So the big truck pulled off the road, everyone stopped, the people in the minivan (which had spun around in the intersection and was now facing the other direction, engine all smashed up) got out fine, AND THEN THE ENGINE BURST INTO FLAMES. IT WAS SO FREAKING SCARY. The box truck driver used his little mini fire extinguisher but that didn't really help.

I called the EGE, since he was on his way, and he yelled at me 'cause, well, 1, he thought I was driving while talking on the phone which is illegal, and 2, he thought that I was getting mad at him for not being to school yet. I tried to explain that, hey, there's an accident at that intersection, you might wanna go a different way to school. But apparently I was talking too fast 'cause I was still "HOLY CRAP I JUST SAW A CAR CRASH AND THE VAN IS IN FLAMES" so he was like "Ok, there's an accident, that's fine, I'll see you at school." I got to school fine, but I know that there were probably some people that got there late 'cause the intersection was blocked off.

Luckily, when I got into school, I saw my public speaking teacher in a turkey costume, which made me feel better. Long story, it's a sophomore class fundraiser, but it took my mind off the crash.

Hoo boy. That was not something I ever want to see again. It was... surreal.

On a lighter note, I have no calc homework over break! Yay! That'll give me more time to go through all the sports pictures for the yearbook (at least the ones we have so far), rehearse my speech for public speaking, start memorizing lines for a scene in drama class, start writing my gov paper since it's basically my speech but written down, and teach myself HTML. I went to the library on the way home today (I love going to the library, I get so inspired to do stuff when I go in there), and I picked up a book on HTML-ness so hopefully I can do jazzier stuff on here.

Oh, yeah, and have Thanksgiving.

And since I guess this is a baseball blog (sorta), I should probably mention that the Sox were too slow with resigning V-Mart so the Tigers signed him instead.

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