Friday, October 22, 2010


There's all sorts of rules, at least in our area, about what conditions are acceptable for sporting events. Things like stopping play if it is thundering and lightninging out, not having practice if it's ungodly hot out, that sorta stuff. But nowhere is there anything about being outside when it's cold. We had our pep rally today (rescheduled from when it was s'posed to rain last week and it didn't), and it was so flipping cold that all I did was huddle into a little ball and try to not freeze under my 2 sweatshirts and 2 shirts. It's a good thing I didn't care what happened during the pep rally, 'cause I couldn't see in my state of rolled-ball-ness.

Giants lost last night :( but they're still leading the series 3-2. Rangers go for the series win and the WS trip tonight against the Yankees.

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