Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I went to one of the local coffee shops today after the half-day 'cause I heard they had a part-time opening. Ha. "Part-time" my butt. They were looking for 2:30-7 on weekdays and probably all day on weekends. That's not part-time (at least for a high schooler). I really wish it was possible to find a part-time job that didn't take up all of my time.

Also, I wore my rainboots to school 'cause... well, it was raining.... and a bunch of people who normally never talk to me complimented my boots. It was a little weird.

And finally, just a random thought, but whose horrible idea was it to put celery/onion chunks in salads? I mean, the kind with mayo and meat or potatoes or egg. Seriously. The celery/onion ruins it.

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