Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a no-good, horrible, very bad day

I'll go in random order (i.e. not chronologically).

It kinda started last night, 'cause I got into a huge fight with the EGE over stupid crap. We fight a lot, and we fight about stupid crap a lot, but not like this. It was horrible. (We resolved it, but that doesn't fit in with today's theme).

This afternoon, I was driving home from my dermotologist appointment, got almost all the way home and lo-and-behold the road is closed 'cause of an accident. Thank goodness I sorta know the backroads.

I almost hit a squirrel on my way home.

I did a scary tire woo-hoo thing on the pavement a few different times, between having to floor it around a corner to get on an on-ramp and the rain.

At drama rehearsal this afternoon, I was painting the triangly board things that go outside and say "Hey! Come see our play!" and I kinda sat in some of the paint that got on the floor so now I have white paint splotches on my butt.

I have to go to a town parks and rec meeting tonight for gov. Because that class isn't bad enough.

And probably the worst news I received all day, during homeroom. It was one of those announcements where you just know something horrible happened, just by the way our principal got on the PA. One of our math teachers, who was my precalc teacher last year and one of the cooler teachers I've had, wasn't in today or yesterday because he not only went missing sometime this weekend but took his own life in that span. It was a hee-uge shock to the entire school, and a little rough considering it was less than a year ago that Matty B passed away.

So, Mr. Conlon, I know I could probably do better, but I'm where I am in math because of you and all the funky activities we did in class, so thank you for all you've done. You'll be missed greatly.

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