Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i need a life

I'll start you off with a quote from me earlier today, before rehearsal. I'll give background after.
"Yeah, I'm sure that'll go over real well. 'Why are you late?' 'Oh, I just had a minor existential crisis in the parking lot, but I'm all good now.'"

Today was going pretty well (I only partially screwed up my monologue) until I decided to be a self-deprecating jerk (you know, my usual self) just because the Red Cross came to school today for a blood drive, which they do a few times a year, and the EGE donated and I didn't.

I know, really stupid reason to get all depressed and angsty. But considering that at every. stinking. turn., he does something to outdo me or otherwise make me feel like an unworthy loser, I felt that I had every right to. It gets old after a while. Also, it was kindof a slap in the face for me seeing the booth but not having time to schedule an appointment.

(Though, according to the site, I might not be able to donate anyway 'cause I'm too short. By a flippin' half-inch.)

Anyway. I went on my whole self-deprecating rant and then was late to rehearsal. Luckily our director didn't care, 'cause I think our stage manager (who was there for at least the beginning of my rant) told her, and then he tried to make me feel better and it helped a little. I'm still a little mad though.

Also, I was a big girl and submitted all my Common App stuff last night (yay!) and then the teachers who are writing my letters of recommendation decide to tell me that my entire college application system thing is screwed up. Turns out they had the wrong username and password. Fail.

On a lighter note, Rangers are a win away from the World Series after a 10-3 win last night. Woot!
Unfortunately they're losing 5-1 right now, but that can change.
Giants, who lead the series 2-1, host the Phillies at 7:57 (what kind of time is that?!)

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