Thursday, October 14, 2010

i knew this was a bad idea

No news on the postseason. Instead I have school stuff to share.

This week is Spirit Week, and today was Opposite Day. Though it wasn't advertised as Opposite Day but instead as Cross-Dressing Day, essentially.

This in itself was a problem for me because, while I'm certainly not a cross-dresser, I tend to wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts, which is pretty gender neutral. So I couldn't go in a dress, 'cause even though it would be strikingly different, I'm still a girl, and I couldn't go in a collared shirt and tie, 'cause even though it'd be the right gender, I've worn collared shirts to school before for presentations and such.

I eventually said "Screw it, I'm wearing the collared shirt" and asked the EGE for a tie. I also had a pair of his old shorts that he outgrew and gave to me (my collared shirts are also EGE hand-me-downs), so really I went around school dressed as him. Minus the long hair and stuff.

But everyone else. Oh, dear. Not a lot of people dressed up, there were more girls participating than guys, but the guys who did participate went all-out. There were several people that showed up in skin-tight shirts and jeans, tanktops and skirts and leggings, even teeny little dresses. By George was it horrible. I saw waaaaay too much of several people.

I figure that they'll probably ban Cross-Dressing Day next year, but at least we have some funny pictures for the yearbook to immortalize it and all its brain-melting glory.

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