Sunday, October 31, 2010


Since apparently I'm a horrible person and didn't post about the Halloween shindig last night in my half-of-a-nothing post, I'll do it now. (I wanted to give it its own post, thank you)

So as I said, I went as Penny from Dr. Horrible, hence why I dyed my hair red. Except the henna crap took FOREVER to do, between the fact that I needed someone else to do it for me, mixing the stupid mud dye crap, putting said mud in my hair, letting it sit for forever and taking another forever to rinse it out in the shower. And in the end, it wasn't even the right shade, 'cause hers is a dark burgundy red and mine came out very strawberry blonde/gingerish.
(the EGE found this pic, obviously Penny is the girl in the ripped jeans)
(Laura felt compelled to take the picture of the back of my head)

Oh well, I really like the color anyway.

So the EGE went as Dr. Horrible himself (certainly has the paleness and skinniness down...), Laura was V from V for Vendetta, her boyfriend Tang was a vampire, our friend Tara was some character from Doctor Who, our friend (and my fellow percussionist and SM) Bodhi was a zombie musician of sorts and his girlfriend Jerrica was a cat. Definitely a weird assortment.

We had the most amazing bacon mac&cheese (well, honestly, how is bacon mac&cheese not amazing?) and pizza bread and Wife Soup (Firefly joke) that the EGE brought and a ginormous oatmeal cookie pizza thing that I brought. I even made the whipped cream myself (I had time to kill...) and put gummy bears on top... even though everyone just ate the gummy bears...

And we watched How to Train Your Dragon 'cause that was my present to Laura (the party was half-Halloween and half-birthday since her birthday was a few weeks ago). And it was still awesome the second time. Though I think it's just cooler in the theater 'cause the screen is so big.

There was a lot of poking and pushing and shoving and jumping on people and awkwardness and all-around abuse, but what's a little harassment among friends? :)

Overall, definitely a great way to spend Halloween-Eve.

And on that, happy Halloween/Samhain/pre-Day of the Dead!


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