Saturday, October 23, 2010


(And that would be "For the win", not "Eff the world")

Anyway. Again, Yankees fans can go suck it, 'cause the Rangers are on their way to their first World Series in franchise history. And A-Roid struck out to end the game, which the Rangers won 6-1.

Giants and Phillies are playing now.

Also, today and yesterday had some rough moments.

I was at percussion ensemble last night, and we were gonna try some things with trash can percussion, which we've done before. I found two small plastic buckets that we could use, except they were stuck together and I had to have one of the guys pull on one as I pulled on the other to separate them.
You can probably see where this went. The buckets separated, I went flying, landed hard on my derrière and whacked myself hard in the head with the bucket. And as if doing that wasn't bad enough, the bucket hit my eyebrow just right that it not only cut it, it broke my glasses too. So I had to spend the next 10 minutes fixing my glasses while everyone else was actually doing percussion things, and the leader (the kid on quads) was getting mad 'cause he thought I was just stalling from having to play.
In the end, my glasses are fine (the lens just popped out and they're a little bent, but not much more than before), my eyebrow is fine though it still hurts to touch, and my butt really hurts from landing so hard on it. As in, I took ibuprofen for it. The EGE knows how much of a shocker that is.

Earlier today, I was working online on my laptop when the internet freaked out. I restarted it, reconnected the wi-fi, turned it on and off a few times and it still wouldn't work. I plugged it into the computer jack thing, still wouldn't work. I came to my aunt's to watch my cousins, I jump on the computer, the wi-fi here is doing the same thing. I connected to the wi-fi fine but it won't connect to the internet. My uncle, who is a computer person, has no clue why it's freaking out. Blarg.
And that's my story. Hopefully the Wi-fi Fairy will come and magically repair the connection to my laptop so I can watch the game and do computery things at the same time.

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