Thursday, October 28, 2010


Gov meetings suck. Which is why I'm deciding not to go to tonight's zoning meeting. I went to a town council one last night and by George was it dull. Also I have journalism stuff to do. And a football game tomorrow night. And stage setup stuff and a birthday/Halloween party on Saturday. Gah! So much to do!

Speaking of Halloween and the party (hosted by dear Laura) my costume itself isn't that intensive, since I'm going as Penny from Dr. Horrible (which we watched at the anti-homecoming shindig). Just a tanktop, flats, ripped jeans and a hoodie that I have yet to find. But sometime in the chaos of Saturday, I have to find time to dye my hair, since Penny has dark red hair and I don't. I bought some henna stuff around the time school started, so luckily I don't have to waste more time buying it, but it takes at least an hour to set. It'll fade before it grows out, which is nice. I'm actually kinda excited to be a ginger for a few weeks, it'll be an interesting change.

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