Thursday, September 23, 2010

subtle, yet distinct differences

Like me and my jazz band dilemma. I refused to try out for piano the past few years 'cause I didn't think my piano skills were up to par. This might sound similar to why I won't try out for drumset this year, but the SYDD here is that with piano, I don't have confidence in my abilities. (Also because there is one freshman in particular who I know is trying out and who can kick my derriƩre from here to the moon on piano.) With drumset, I just flat-out can't play. Subtle, yet distinct difference.

Another example of how small differences can make a big difference (if that makes any sense) is in today's comic on Surviving the World. The posted comic looks like this, and it made me laugh.

Now, the alternate version is only slightly different, yet a lot funnier.
Ah, Surviving the World. Such hilarity in such simplicity.

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