Sunday, September 19, 2010


From pushups, because I'm lame and I have no upper body strength  to speak of. And also from practicing a bit today. Mostly my knee hurts from that, between getting hit with a grounder in the same spot I did last time and dropping my knee to prevent it from getting past. It's already swelling, and I think that if I did any more grounders, my knee would secede from my body and I'd have a big gap between my thigh and shin.

I made some rocking curried lamb samosas and a lassi tonight for dinner. I probably should've put more curry in since the recipe called for 2 tbsps, but I didn't want it to be inedibly hot and also the tablespoon was too big for the jar. The lassi came out pretty good, but I was an idiot and put the yogurt in before the ice so the ice didn't get blended very well.

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