Thursday, September 30, 2010

not a good day

Today's sucky day started last night, when my dog got skunked. Because apparently she didn't learn the first time (which was roughly 4 years ago). So our house reeked of skunkiness and it sucked majorly. This morning, I figured I wouldn't last long, since last time Sage got skunked, I got kicked out of school (true story), so I didn't even bother to go to first block and instead went to the nurse. Luckily, the school nurse is part of the drama program, and she's a lot nicer than the middle school nurse was, so she helped me out and let me raid the clothes closet for something I could wear for the day, even though she didn't think I was skunky.

Unfortunately, the only shirt I found in there that fit me was a Shane Victorino shirt. So I went around school as an honorary Phillies "phan" for the day. And I was not happy.

I ended up staying at school all day, and people didn't say anything about the skunk ordeal unless I said something first, which is good. I could still smell it on me occasionally (especially in my backpack), but maybe I'm just super-sensitive to the smell.

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