Wednesday, September 8, 2010

no more fighting over internet

My mom was sick of me using my laptop on the computer room floor (since I had to be hooked up to the phone-cable thingy) while she was on the desktop, so my stepdad rehooked-up the wi-fi in our house. So now I can post from anywhere in the house! Yay!

Actually, as lame as it is, I didn't even notice that I had wi-fi access 'cause I'm always hooked up to the phone thing on the computer desk, and I just happened to look at the desk next to my iPod cord, noticed my internet cord was unhooked, was all like "huh what" and then realized "hey, we have wi-fi now cool".

Also, I'd be screwed if I didn't live in the now, 'cause I am an absolute failure at sewing. I have to get my band pants hemmed before tomorrow, and because I'm ... slightly vertically challenged, I have to have a massive cuff hem thing on the bottom of my pants, which makes it virtually impossible to hem. Not to mention that the fabric is mad thick and I can't sew through it. Luckily I have connections and am going to my gramma's tonight to get that fixed.

And I have "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse stuck in my head 'cause I was listening to it in the car.

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