Sunday, September 5, 2010


Relative of "instablood." Caused by the same thing.

I can't complain too much, I did quite well at grounders for once. I blocked most of them 'cause I finally figured out that sometimes I need to drop my knee (hence the bruising, between hitting the ground and getting hit by the ball). There isn't any tell-tale black-and-bluing yet but some of the spots I got hit are starting to get puffy and sensitive to the touch, so I'm thinking that my entire knee, i.e. about a 6 inch radius around my kneecap, will be bruised eventually. My back hurts a little, and my shoulder did earlier, but that was more of a throwing suckage issue.

Also, I finally got around to listening to the entirety of the new Arcade Fire album (since I bought it and gave it to the EGE to borrow since he has a car CD player and I don't, and he gave it back to me for about 15 minutes yesterday so I could put it on my iTunes and give it back), my personal favorites are "Month of May" and "Sprawl II." Oddly enough, the EGE said that "Sprawl II" was also his favorite, which I found kinda weird since it has a very 80s-like flair to it and he hates 80s music. Or so he says. *eyebrow*

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