Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i swear it was an accident

5 months. Complete coincidence. Again.

First off, thanks much to the EGE for covering my metaphorical blogging butt yesterday with the guest post. I'm still not sure why we lost power, but we didn't get it back til after 10, and I was in bed 'cause there's not much to do at night when you don't have power. Also, I never sleep well the night before school 'cause I'm so afraid that I'll miss my alarm (though this year that isn't so much of a problem 'cause I drive to school).

The first day wasn't too bad. Mostly just the fluffy rules and regulations and syllabus crap. BC calc honestly wasn't as scary as I thought, but we were just reviewing and kinda messing around with the calculator so it wasn't s'posed to be scary. I still feel kinda losery for my AP decisions, since almost everyone else in my classes is taking, like, 5. Oh well. Public speaking might be a bit of a problem too, since I'm not good with speaking in front of people (but that's kinda why I signed up for the class), but Gov looks pretty easy. And journalism will be pretty lax.

Also, regarding Hurricane Earl's projected path that's heading pretty much right at us: as twisted and messed up as it is, I kinda want a hurricane. I haven't really seen one in knowledgeable memory. As long as we don't get hammered with rain like we did in March (mostly in terms of the flood damage), I'll be ok.

And finally, now that I'm back in school, finding a part-time job officially sucks. No one is hiring. Anywhere. :P

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