Saturday, September 18, 2010

forget it

For our marching band games, it's tradition for the seniors to do pushups every time our team scores, and to do however many points we have. After the 6th touchdown last night, we said "Screw it, we're not doing anymore." Final score was 43-7, and we had a huge injury delay 5 minutes left in the first quarter 'cause one of the guys on the other team got tackled and they had to bring him off the field in a stretcher and to the ER. I think he busted his knee, maybe his collarbone too.

As for the halftime show, it was pretty bad. For starters, the announcers introduced the band and said that it was led by the drum majors and the percussion section leader, who they said was the junior on quads. Not cool. I mean, yeah, quads are a mad important part of the band but I'm section leader, dammit, not him. And no one listened to me when we had to stop so it looked bad and when we walked off the field everyone was in the wrong spot and grrrr >:P

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