Friday, September 3, 2010

first leg

...Er, arm. Since we had the half-day prescheduled, I was in my last block when I realized that 1, it was downpouring, and 2, that the windows in my car were open just the teeniest bit for air. Go me. So not only did I have to book it through the hardest part of the downpour so far to get to my car at the end of the day, (which I admit was quite fun), I had to get into a car with half-soaked seats.

But you know what soaks up rain water from car upholstery really well? Jeans. Talk about a major case of "wass" on the way home.

Of course, the eye of the storm is roughly level with Virginia and Maryland right now, so that's only the first blow for us New Englanders. It looks like it'll veer off eastward, though, so we might not even really get hit that bad. All I know is that I'd prefer not to drive later.

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