Thursday, September 30, 2010

not a good day

Today's sucky day started last night, when my dog got skunked. Because apparently she didn't learn the first time (which was roughly 4 years ago). So our house reeked of skunkiness and it sucked majorly. This morning, I figured I wouldn't last long, since last time Sage got skunked, I got kicked out of school (true story), so I didn't even bother to go to first block and instead went to the nurse. Luckily, the school nurse is part of the drama program, and she's a lot nicer than the middle school nurse was, so she helped me out and let me raid the clothes closet for something I could wear for the day, even though she didn't think I was skunky.

Unfortunately, the only shirt I found in there that fit me was a Shane Victorino shirt. So I went around school as an honorary Phillies "phan" for the day. And I was not happy.

I ended up staying at school all day, and people didn't say anything about the skunk ordeal unless I said something first, which is good. I could still smell it on me occasionally (especially in my backpack), but maybe I'm just super-sensitive to the smell.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

numbers galore

3 times writing my Common App essay (luckily the 3rd one was a keeper), twice having to cook myself dinner (the pot pie I heated up originally tasted really weird so I threw it away and made some ramen noodles instead), twice pulling a "That's what she said" joke during rehearsal...

Oh, and I also have the list of phone numbers of everyone in the cast, so I can be a stalker if I really wanted to.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this is what i do

Our next drama unit involves creating a character and writing a monologue from that character, so in order to make our character "come alive" we have to fill out this ginormous questionnaire about the character. This is exactly what I do when I write a story and need to think of characters.

So why is this taking me so long to fill out?!

Monday, September 27, 2010


As horrible as this is to say, I'm glad that the drunk driver who killed Nick Adenhart and two of his buddies is getting sentenced to 50 years in prison on "three counts of second-degree murder and single counts of drunken driving, hit-and-run driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol and causing great bodily injury." And I'm not just saying this 'cause Nick could've been a helluva pitcher. I'm saying this because this bozo already had a DUI charge and was dumb enough to pull the stunt again, in addition to getting busted last week for driving without a license.

And the British dude who owned Segway died 'cause he was testing out an off-road version of the Segway and fell off a cliff. Lovely day for news, huh?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

a nap would be nice

No sleeping in at all this weekend. Booooo.

I really need to finish my Common App stuff so unfortunately that means no real post today.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

4 out of 5

Just need to go visit BU, then I'm done with college visits. I know, I should've done this already, but I was working all summer, dangit.

Anyway. We made the trek to Quinnipiac today, though it wasn't that much of a trek, it was only a little over an hour. At first I wasn't too keen on it (no idea why), but the campus tour made things better, and I really liked the facilities they had. And then I started flipping through the coursebook.

Yes, the coursebook was the kicker for me. Why? Because they have an entire class dedicated to sabermetrics.

For those of you not in the know, sabermetrics (or SABRmetrics, which is the real term) is just a fancy word for baseball stats. Cue the Hallelujah chorus.

Luckily, the journalism program at Quinnipiac requires students to have a minor outside the School of Communications, and many people wind up doing their minor in Sport Studies, so I could very well do that minor and take that class and be awesome and stuff. I really liked the minor, as opposed to other sport studies minors I'd seen, because it was more geared towards sport communication and stats and all that cool stuff rather than history and crap. Though they did have a class on the history/impact of baseball on society, which was basically what I wrote my thesis paper on last year.

Overall, definitely going on my 1st tier of schools (since I can't bring myself to rank the schools I've visited, I've made two tiers of program awesomeness).

Friday, September 24, 2010


Figured out how to use the backstop net thing we got so I can throw myself grounders, in a sense. Except I got tired real quick 'cause it was really fast coming off the net and I was tired to begin with.

Didn't make jazz band. If, by some act of the FSM, I did, I would've given up my position to someone else 'cause even though our band teacher is a firm believer in seniority, there's no way it would've been fair for me to play. For me and the band.

Oh well. Now I don't have to worry about having more rehearsals :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

subtle, yet distinct differences

Like me and my jazz band dilemma. I refused to try out for piano the past few years 'cause I didn't think my piano skills were up to par. This might sound similar to why I won't try out for drumset this year, but the SYDD here is that with piano, I don't have confidence in my abilities. (Also because there is one freshman in particular who I know is trying out and who can kick my derriƩre from here to the moon on piano.) With drumset, I just flat-out can't play. Subtle, yet distinct difference.

Another example of how small differences can make a big difference (if that makes any sense) is in today's comic on Surviving the World. The posted comic looks like this, and it made me laugh.

Now, the alternate version is only slightly different, yet a lot funnier.
Ah, Surviving the World. Such hilarity in such simplicity.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

tryouts are the end of me

They usually are. Especially when I'm going into jazz band tryouts tomorrow night knowing that I am going to get smoked. And no one seems to understand that even though failing at tryouts will put me exactly where I started, it's still embarrassing as all get-up to completely bomb.

And I'm still hungry. Grrrr.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

assistant spaghetti monster

That's my title, since ASM is awfully close to FSM :)

First read-thru was today. There were parts where we all burst out laughing and couldn't stop. It went pretty well though. Lots of work I'm gonna have to do.

Also, I officially believe that my band teacher is on some kind of drug 'cause he seems to think that I could handle playing the drum set in jazz band. Note that this is the same guy who wouldn't let me play quads. He even specifically asked if I play drum set and I specifically said no because, well, I can't. I've tried. It isn't pretty. And I know that tryouts would only be an embarrassment because the two other guys who I know are trying out are a LOT better at it than me. Seniority or not, when you have someone this bad as your drummer, it's just not gonna work. And piano? Forget about it. There are freshmen that can blow me out of the water with one hand tied behind their back.

Sox have 5 losses (and Stankee wins) until they're eliminated. Let's face it, the Wild Card is going to the Rays. Oh well. I can root for them and the Twins and the Rangers in the playoffs.

Monday, September 20, 2010

crunch time

So much college crap to do, so little time. Between schoolwork, drama ASMing, catching up on softball practice, trying to possibly find a job, getting some sleep and attempting to have a life, I'm swamped. Ugh.

That being said, I should get the lead out with all that lovely junk :P

Sunday, September 19, 2010


From pushups, because I'm lame and I have no upper body strength  to speak of. And also from practicing a bit today. Mostly my knee hurts from that, between getting hit with a grounder in the same spot I did last time and dropping my knee to prevent it from getting past. It's already swelling, and I think that if I did any more grounders, my knee would secede from my body and I'd have a big gap between my thigh and shin.

I made some rocking curried lamb samosas and a lassi tonight for dinner. I probably should've put more curry in since the recipe called for 2 tbsps, but I didn't want it to be inedibly hot and also the tablespoon was too big for the jar. The lassi came out pretty good, but I was an idiot and put the yogurt in before the ice so the ice didn't get blended very well.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

forget it

For our marching band games, it's tradition for the seniors to do pushups every time our team scores, and to do however many points we have. After the 6th touchdown last night, we said "Screw it, we're not doing anymore." Final score was 43-7, and we had a huge injury delay 5 minutes left in the first quarter 'cause one of the guys on the other team got tackled and they had to bring him off the field in a stretcher and to the ER. I think he busted his knee, maybe his collarbone too.

As for the halftime show, it was pretty bad. For starters, the announcers introduced the band and said that it was led by the drum majors and the percussion section leader, who they said was the junior on quads. Not cool. I mean, yeah, quads are a mad important part of the band but I'm section leader, dammit, not him. And no one listened to me when we had to stop so it looked bad and when we walked off the field everyone was in the wrong spot and grrrr >:P

Friday, September 17, 2010

oh boy.

First field show for marching band tonight. This is not going to be pretty.

Yankees are in 2nd place in the AL East. Let's keep it that way. I hate to be a pessimist but there's not really much of a chance that the Sox will make the Wild Card unless the Yankees start sucking really badly (which would be nice...) but if the season ended right now, the AL would be represented by the Rangers, the Twins, the Rays and... well, them. 3 out of 4 ain't bad. If push comes to shove and the World Series comes down to two really bad teams, we can always root for the meteor again.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

surprising plot twist

I'm really liking my decision to join the school drama...ness (since I'll get hit with the drama club if I call it "drama club", Laura knows what I'm talking about). The only thing I regret is not having done it before this year. Especially considering I'm now assistant stage manager for the fall production, and between me and the guy who is the actual stage manager (who is one of my percussion homies and my partner in drama class), it'll be an interesting year since I don't think either of us have any idea what we're doing.

Though, to be honest, what I'm really excited for is the winter stuff. We don't have an official winter "play" because we do a bunch of student-written/directed/performed mini-plays, and I'm collaborating with Laura and the EGE for a really random Firefly-based play. Since I'm a big wuss and have horrible stage fright, the narrator part is pretty much written for me, which is cool 'cause I can be in it without having to see everyone staring at me.

Boy am I gonna have a lot on my plate. Editoring for journalism/yearbook, helping with senior advisory stuff, marching band, ASMing, trying to keep up with the postseason... :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i fail at keeping up

I was s'posed to do a birthday post last Saturday, but I got too caught up in taking stupid ACTs and stuff so I forgot. Sorry, Ellsbury! Won't let it happen again.

Royals spanked last night, 11-3 over the A's. 3 runs in each of the first 3 innings. The Orioles have been doing really well too (of course, now that they've been eliminated from playoff contention). And holy crap the Pirates suck. Winning percentage of .333. That's just sad.

Also, we've been doing poetry and reading stuff in a few classes so I figured I'd show you some of my favorites. My freshman English teacher (who is also my public speaking teacher this year) showed my class this really cool slam poetry by Taylor Mali. It was really funny 'cause we were listening to a recording and out of nowhere he swore in the middle of a poem and we all burst out laughing 'cause no one expected it. I'm using that one to present for class, but since I'm not allowed to just drop the F-bomb in the middle of my poem, I'll just find some other creative way to swear.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

better now than never

Dating me is like playing your season opener against the #1 team: it's pretty much destined to end horrifically, but if you can handle that and not want to recede into your emo corner and curl up and die, then you can handle anything life throws at you.

Just saying.

Monday, September 13, 2010


It's been a year since I busted my knee on the escalator, and the scar has healed up quite nicely. It still hurts slightly when I whack that knee against something, so I'm thinking there's some bone damage, or at least a really big bone bruise. Matches the bone bruise on my shin from taking grounders at third sophomore year.

On a completely unrelated note, I love the Internet and our state library system. I can search for a book online, request it to be sent from wherever it is in the state to my town library (which there are two I could pick), then pick it up in town, read it (or listen to the CD) and send it back to its home through my library again. Modern innovations FTW.

So what have I used this for? Thus far, I've requested the 8th book of the Charlie Bone series, the book of How to Train Your Dragon ('cause it was a book before the movie), the latest Muse CD and the first Franz Ferdinand CD. Hooray for kid books and alternative rock!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

weekends are for sleeping in

Unless you spend the entire weekend taking college tests and going to open houses. I really hate the fact that I woke up at 6 yesterday and today. UConn wasn't bad though. The campus is a little too big for my personal liking (but that's what a bike is for), and the thought of having to do a double major of journalism and something else is a little intimidating (the journalism department almost requires it), but overall it was pretty cool. And the pep band played during the intro thing and it was awesome. 'Cause I'm a dork and go to college open houses for the band :)

Speaking of which, they had a little resource fair thing with little booths for some of the student organizations and such, and one of the girls at the marching band booth was ecstatic to talk to me about band stuff :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

why do i do this to myself?

I know I've already said it twice, and I'll say it again in October, but it should seriously be illegal to have to wake up at buttcrack hour on a weekend to take a 5-hour test. Especially when I have to pay them. Almost 200 bucks when all is said and done (since I'll have taken the SATs twice, the ACTs and the SAT subject tests). Not to mention that application fees are upwards of $300...

Oh well. I think I was more mad about having to wake up and find out that it's so cold I have to turn on the heat in my car. 'Cause that's just not right.

I didn't completely suck at my roll last night, which was good 'cause most of us forgot to come in anyway...

Friday, September 10, 2010

here we go again

", I kinda wanna be more than friends / So take it easy on me, I'm afraid you're never satisfied / Here we go again, we're sick like animals, we play pretend / You're just a cannibal and I'm afraid I won't get out alive / No, I won't sleep tonight..."

Because it's that time of year again, NHS application time! Yay! Not! Here comes the part where I get rejected AGAIN because I have no religious affiliation to volunteer through and because I'm just an overall loser to the board, apparently.

However, I have a plan this year, though. Unlike last year. If I don't get in again, then I'll just have to live with the title of "2-time NHS reject", which I feel holds a kind of distinction to it. And if somehow something gets screwed up and I do get in... well, we'll cross that bridge if I get there.

In the meantime, I'll work on my calc homework and try not to suck at that drumroll later tonight.

(and the song quote was from "Animal" by Neon Trees)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

too much stress

Between school stuff and after-school stuff and me being a jerk and everyone else not cooperating the way I want... ugh. I need a nap.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

no more fighting over internet

My mom was sick of me using my laptop on the computer room floor (since I had to be hooked up to the phone-cable thingy) while she was on the desktop, so my stepdad rehooked-up the wi-fi in our house. So now I can post from anywhere in the house! Yay!

Actually, as lame as it is, I didn't even notice that I had wi-fi access 'cause I'm always hooked up to the phone thing on the computer desk, and I just happened to look at the desk next to my iPod cord, noticed my internet cord was unhooked, was all like "huh what" and then realized "hey, we have wi-fi now cool".

Also, I'd be screwed if I didn't live in the now, 'cause I am an absolute failure at sewing. I have to get my band pants hemmed before tomorrow, and because I'm ... slightly vertically challenged, I have to have a massive cuff hem thing on the bottom of my pants, which makes it virtually impossible to hem. Not to mention that the fabric is mad thick and I can't sew through it. Luckily I have connections and am going to my gramma's tonight to get that fixed.

And I have "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse stuck in my head 'cause I was listening to it in the car.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i hate it when people do that

My band teacher put me on the spot twice during class today. Both times I made myself look like a complete fool, once 'cause I couldn't think of the word he was describing and once 'cause he made me do a drumroll to demonstrate how the Star-Spangled Banner would go. For most people who have been playing percussion for 7+ years, that wouldn't be a big deal, but I can't roll to save my life, so having to do a forte-piano drumroll by myself in front of everyone was embarrassing as all get-up.

Anyway. For a baseball update. Sox creamed the Rays 12-5 last night (I only watched the first half of the game and saw them score 11 of their 12 runs). And the Orioles beat the Yankees 4-3, which I found hilarious 'cause the Orioles are 52 and 86, and the Yankees are unfortunately 86 and 52.

Also, Pedroia is having foot surgery so he's done, Stephen Strasburg had his Tommy John surgery so he's done too, and the Royals' catcher Jason Kendall had surgery on his shoulder, so he's out too. All this surgery junk. It'd be nice if people, oh, I don't know, stayed healthy? (I know, I'm a hypocrite for complaining about other people's injuries when I have enough of my own).

Monday, September 6, 2010


Though it wasn't very "instant", as it took 140 pitches in the cage. It still sucks though, it's on my left thumb right before the weird webby part between my pointer finger and thumb. And I didn't do very well batting in general. And it was really embarrassing 'cause there were a bunch of Little League guys in the two cages I was flip-flopping in, and I'm pretty sure that the kid who was hitting the 60mph pitches like no tomorrow was about 12, the other kids 8-10ish. Oh well, that's what I get for working all summer instead of doing softball things. (For the record, the EGE is still not allowed to come with me to the cages, due to what happened last time I took him).

My knee is starting to bruise a little, though the top is just slightly puffy at this point. What hurts the most ("is being so close...") right now is the tops of my quads and my hip a little, but that's 'cause I didn't have the right stance and I was all funked up from lack of use.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Relative of "instablood." Caused by the same thing.

I can't complain too much, I did quite well at grounders for once. I blocked most of them 'cause I finally figured out that sometimes I need to drop my knee (hence the bruising, between hitting the ground and getting hit by the ball). There isn't any tell-tale black-and-bluing yet but some of the spots I got hit are starting to get puffy and sensitive to the touch, so I'm thinking that my entire knee, i.e. about a 6 inch radius around my kneecap, will be bruised eventually. My back hurts a little, and my shoulder did earlier, but that was more of a throwing suckage issue.

Also, I finally got around to listening to the entirety of the new Arcade Fire album (since I bought it and gave it to the EGE to borrow since he has a car CD player and I don't, and he gave it back to me for about 15 minutes yesterday so I could put it on my iTunes and give it back), my personal favorites are "Month of May" and "Sprawl II." Oddly enough, the EGE said that "Sprawl II" was also his favorite, which I found kinda weird since it has a very 80s-like flair to it and he hates 80s music. Or so he says. *eyebrow*

Saturday, September 4, 2010

...that was it?

We got two spats of rain, each of which lasted no more than an hour of heavy rain (there was on-and-off sprinkling from about 11am til sometime last night). So not worth leaving school early for. But hey, it's a half day, I'm not arguing. It just would've been cool to see more of the storm, that's all. Because I'm weird like that.

Not much planned today. At some point on this lovely long weekend, I need to go to the bank to get money for gas and change my oil and practice softball and finish my Common App crap (haha that rhymed). So maybe I do have a lot of stuff to do.

Friday, September 3, 2010

first leg

...Er, arm. Since we had the half-day prescheduled, I was in my last block when I realized that 1, it was downpouring, and 2, that the windows in my car were open just the teeniest bit for air. Go me. So not only did I have to book it through the hardest part of the downpour so far to get to my car at the end of the day, (which I admit was quite fun), I had to get into a car with half-soaked seats.

But you know what soaks up rain water from car upholstery really well? Jeans. Talk about a major case of "wass" on the way home.

Of course, the eye of the storm is roughly level with Virginia and Maryland right now, so that's only the first blow for us New Englanders. It looks like it'll veer off eastward, though, so we might not even really get hit that bad. All I know is that I'd prefer not to drive later.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

called it.

Snow days. Check. Rain day. Check. Heat day. Check. No heat day. Check. Hurricane day. Check. Gotta love New England weather. Gets us out of school. It's almost pointless for me to show up even for the half-day since I have a dermotologist appointment at 9 tomorrow, so by the time I get back to school, I'll only be there for two hours.

Second day wasn't bad. First two classes were the same, band was the usual and drama was pretty fun. I hope that the combination of public speaking and drama does what it's s'posed to and get me over my massive stage fright.

Which reminds me, I have a speech to write for public speaking tomorrow. And calc to do. Bye :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i swear it was an accident

5 months. Complete coincidence. Again.

First off, thanks much to the EGE for covering my metaphorical blogging butt yesterday with the guest post. I'm still not sure why we lost power, but we didn't get it back til after 10, and I was in bed 'cause there's not much to do at night when you don't have power. Also, I never sleep well the night before school 'cause I'm so afraid that I'll miss my alarm (though this year that isn't so much of a problem 'cause I drive to school).

The first day wasn't too bad. Mostly just the fluffy rules and regulations and syllabus crap. BC calc honestly wasn't as scary as I thought, but we were just reviewing and kinda messing around with the calculator so it wasn't s'posed to be scary. I still feel kinda losery for my AP decisions, since almost everyone else in my classes is taking, like, 5. Oh well. Public speaking might be a bit of a problem too, since I'm not good with speaking in front of people (but that's kinda why I signed up for the class), but Gov looks pretty easy. And journalism will be pretty lax.

Also, regarding Hurricane Earl's projected path that's heading pretty much right at us: as twisted and messed up as it is, I kinda want a hurricane. I haven't really seen one in knowledgeable memory. As long as we don't get hammered with rain like we did in March (mostly in terms of the flood damage), I'll be ok.

And finally, now that I'm back in school, finding a part-time job officially sucks. No one is hiring. Anywhere. :P