Friday, August 27, 2010


I came across an article on how Feliz Hernandez just reached the 1,000-strikeout mark and is the 4th youngest to do so. What I didn't realize is that the guy is only 24. That's impressive.

Band camp was amazing today. Mostly 'cause of our ambush. We told everyone who asked that we had water balloons for a seniors-only fight after everyone left, and a surprising amount of people believed us. So we had 2 coolers, a laundry basket and a big bucket full of water balloons, a bunch of cans of silly string and some shaving cream (but the girl kind so it smelled good), and our band teacher put everyone into a block and had us fill in behind everyone.

There were a few people left with the balloons so they could carry the buckets to us when we were ready, but the rest of us were in the actual marchoff, armed with hidden water balloons and silly string (one of the few times I've actually had to use the age-old "Victoria's secret compartment" for something), so when we were called to attention, we whipped out our weapons and attacked.

We used all the silly string, ran up the hill for the water balloons, and launched hundreds of balloons (we didn't use all 750+ that we bought, but there were easily 300 balloons that we chucked). We targeted a few people in particular, and I got a perfect head shot of two freshman girls that none of the seniors really like 'cause I snuck up behind them with a glitter balloon, stuck my hand between their heads and popped it. It was awesome. A lot of the balloons popped right in our hands when we threw them but they were really crappy balloons so that's ok. It was so worth getting soaked and glittery and silly stringed.

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