Thursday, August 5, 2010

well there goes that

Turns out I don't have to work the first of my two shifts. I'm glad, I wanted to sleep in. I was gonna go in to water, but then it poured, which is kinda nice except I was gonna get breakfast on the way there. So that's out. And there's no milk or eggs left in the house so I had to have toast for breakfast.

In baseball, the Sox were atrocious last night. I mean, yeah, crappy pitching outings happen, but 3 errors is a little much. Indians won 9-1. But on a lighter note, Ellsbury is finally back in action after all his injuries and rehab and stuff. Unfortunately, he had an 0-fer. But also on a lighter note, Justin Masterson was pitching, so I can't really hate him for getting the win.

The Royals lost 4-3 to the A's, Alex had an 0-fer and is now batting an even .200. And I found a really funny picture of Kila Ka'aihue running into Mark Ellis.
(photo from ESPN, speech bubbles added by me)
 It's one of those "Get your face out of my junk!"/"Get your junk out of my face!" things.

Also, I was thinking about the Dan Haren trade lately (particularly after reading this post of Bringing Diamond Back(s)), and I'm starting to think that bringing him to the AL might not have been such a good idea because of the DH rule. Pitchers are generally pretty crappy hitters in comparison with the rest of their team because they have to focus so much on their pitching, but Danny has been one of the best hitters I've seen this season, pitchers or not. Before the trade, he was batting .364: in 23 games, he had 6 doubles, 1 home run, 8 runs and 7 RBIs in 20 hits. But now he won't be able to hit 'cause he's in the American League. It's kindof a waste of good talent, honestly. Sure, the Angels might have a better chance of making the playoffs, but now I'm feeling that he should've stayed in the NL. (Though he could DH or PH on a day he's not pitching...)

Oh well. I'm gonna try and whip out some more of that college essay. Bye :)

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