Saturday, August 28, 2010

way to not let me know

Usually the Tigers' front office staff are pretty good about letting me know when my hours are. Yeah, it sucks that I don't find out til like 2 days before, but at least they let me know. Except this last homestand. The only reason why I know I'm working the next 3 games is 'cause I had to call them up and ask 'cause no one decided to call and tell me. Which is messed up, considering that they were expecting me to magically know that they wanted me to work Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Wednesday-Thursday. As it is, I told the guy that I won't be able to work the last two because of (ew) school.

And because the Nationals don't suck enough already, Stephen Strasburg is most likely going to have Tommy John surgery on his elbow. Sheesh. Guy was all hyped up about since last year, didn't even join the team til June or July and now he's out for a year. Someone needs to take better care of him. Heck, someone needs to take care of the entire Nationals system better. They have some great players in the minor leagues (not to mention the best team name ever for their single-A team, the Lake Monsters), yet the "real" team sucks majorly. Learn to not give away your farm talent for now-impact players, and learn to raise your farm talent up to the major league level.

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