Saturday, August 14, 2010

shopping trips and college visits and doubleheaders, oh my!

(sorry, that was lame)

Anyway, I'll backtrack to Thursday. I did end up getting out of work at 2, which was nice, so I went on all my errands... which kinda turned into a mini shopping extravaganza. I didn't buy a terrible lot, just a few things, and I didn't need most of them, but I figured that I had time and I was already out and about anyway. 70 bucks sure goes by quickly. And a half tank of gas, even with my car, which gets 30+mpg.

Yesterday was my trip up to Boston to visit Emerson College, it was really cool. I really liked the programs they had (a lot of their courses sound really interesting, like the one they had about the purpose of monsters in movies and books and stuff), and the location is just awesome in general, which gave it a slight upper hand over Ithaca in that sense. The only problems I had were the money aspect (which will be a problem no matter where I go), and the fact that it is a very creative and right-brained school, which worries me a bit 'cause I'm somewhere in the middle of brained-ness so I don't think I'd be exactly what they're looking for.

While I was up there, I got a call that sorted out my work confusion, but not in the way I had expected: the game had been cancelled (at 3 in the afternoon for a 7pm game) and there'll be a doubleheader today. Turns out the Tigers' bus broke down on the way home and they wouldn't be home in time. Kinda sad in a funny way. Regardless, I won't be home til really late since when they do doubleheaders, they do 2 7-inning games starting at 5pm.

And Ellsbury left last night's game against the Rangers with a reinjured left side. Here we go again.

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