Monday, August 16, 2010

my timing is terrible

So as you probably know, my birthday is next week. I have an Amazon wishlist that I keep updated for family members so I don't have to think when they ask me what I would like for my birthday or Christmas or whatever. One of the things I was looking to put on that list was a Salty t-shirt. I figured this would be easy to find, considering he's now with the Sox, and I could just go to a local sports shop and buy one myself if I really needed to.

But no, of course my timing is terrible. He's only been up with the Sox for about a week, and it's not like he's a hugely-known player, so of course no one has a shirt of him. Not even on the MLB shop, where they have everyone.

So unless they start whipping out Salty shirts in the next week, I'll just have to buy one myself when they do come out. Though, because of working for the Tigers, I don't even know if I'll have time for a birthday party. Again, hooray for badly-timed homestands.

Oh well. I'm going out to breakfast before the first bit of squad leadering this morning. Yay for not having to make my own breakfast.

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