Sunday, August 22, 2010

family day

No work today (it was pouring all night/morning, there's no way that the field would've dried up in time even though it did stop raining a few times), so I spent the day with family. Nothing too terribly exciting, just went to AC Moore for t-shirts for band camp and watched a movie.

I was thinking about birthday crap, and realized that there's good and bad that come with the week around my birthday. The good part is that I get a lot more mail during that time in the way of birthday cards and even random crap that just says "happy birthday". The bad part is that I actually have to put effort into thinking how old I am, 'cause even though I am well aware when my birthday is, it's that fuzzy area where I'm almost the next year and I have to concentrate on whether I'm "old" yet or not.

I should get to working on finishing my Common App essay (shut up I know I'm gonna die in the firey pits of college hell for not having finished it yet), continue/finish reading 2 books I got from the library and a book that the EGE gave me that'll teach me calc. All of this before school starts. Yippee.

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