Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Braves and the Reds both blew 9-run leads last night. The Reds still won (12-10 over the Giants in 12 innings), the Braves didn't (12-11 to the Rockies). Giants had 5 errors last night. Good grief. And I thought it was bad that the Mariners' shortstop had 2 last night in the same inning during the Sox game (Sox still lost 4-2). Royals won 4-3 in 12.

I love how earlier in the week I was all like "Oh, it's ok that it's raining, it's only ever rained one other time in my 4 years of band camp." Yeah, about that. It has been raining, sprinkling or otherwise liquidly precipitating all week. That means lots of playing. And not much time outside. Grrr. But I guess it's better than it being 700 degrees and mad sunny out. That would suck.

Though I'm excited for tonight and tomorrow, 'cause every year on the last day of band camp, all the non-seniors have a marchoff (mini competition thing) and the seniors bombard them with water balloons and squirt guns and stuff. In the past we've also had shaving cream, whipped cream, flour and a can of tuna. There's no tuna this year (because that was gross), but we do have at least 750 water balloons and a marshmallow shooter. I'm pretty sure people are gonna bring their own Super Soakers, and we were gonna do some ice-cold water balloons, some warm ones (not boiling obviously but still warm), some filled with the cornstarch/water slime stuff, some with glitter, etc.
The EGE is kindof being a boob about it though, 'cause he decided that he was in charge (he isn't, we overruled that) and he refuses to do anything non-water 'cause he doesn't want the tradition banned. But if it survived the tuna incident, I think that a little glitter and cornstarch won't hurt anything.

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