Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a day to relax

Not completely, since I do have to get my stinkin' senior photos taken. Which will suck. I hate getting pictures taken, hate it with a passion. All I asked for was to go in there, get my yearbook picture done and get the heck out of dodge. But nooo, my family wanted one of the bigger packages, so I have to suffer through a big photo thing. >:P

Also, I've found another webcomic to share...ok, I didn't find it myself, it was shown to me, but you get my drift. Surviving The World is an unorthodox but fantastic spin of the traditional webcomic, providing tips for ... well, surviving the world (hence the name)... but in hilarious ways.
For example, #395:
Love is best defined by one simple number: the number of times you're willing to simply just roll your eyes at your significant other's shenanigans.
(and from experience, I know this is true)
But yeah, it is definitely a site to check out, there's a new one every day. And there's a Facebook fan page too.

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