Monday, August 2, 2010

a complete coincidence

I swear, I don't intentionally post 33 posts a month. It just kinda happened. Funny how the world works out like that.

Nothing much to say here. I'm working back-to-back shifts tonight, so I have my fingers crossed that the game will be quick so I can get home at a reasonable time and not be dead for work tomorrow morning.

Also, I think I've come up with a legit but not horribly cliché idea for my Common App essay. Unfortunately, the nature of the subject will lend itself quite easily to wit and snark and self-degradation and a whole slew of other things that generally aren't in a college application essay, but those they people say that colleges want to know about your personal style, and that's what they're gonna get.

That's all for now. Happy (ugh) Monday.

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