Friday, August 20, 2010


A recap post from last night has been requested.

Like I said, it was a really impromptu party, since I didn't find out my work schedule til Monday and I'm working all weekend. As it was, I completely blanked out and forgot to call my dad and tell him (no worries, I redeemed myself by opening my Saturday so we can do something fun together, since I don't see him much), and the only non-family who were there were the EGE, Laura and Tang, since they were all I had time to invite. But it was still fun.

We just had pizza 'cause it was quick and easy (the EGE made the mistake of giving me his pizza to watch while he went to get a soda 'cause he was convinced my dog would eat it off the table, and instead I took a few bites out of it), and then we did presents. Most of the bulk of my gifts were food, which was awesome. You can't go wrong with Ritz crackers and Nutella. Note that I asked for these not in the sense that I eat them together, which is what everyone else thought, but I'm intrigued enough now to try that at some point.

Then they decided to go in the pool and I didn't, because I don't like the pool and I have some principles that I like to stick to. So instead they decided to bring the pool experience to me by splashing me, shooting me with squirt guns and smacking me in the face twice with pool noodles. I don't think the "wet t-shirt contest" look was their intent, but I eventually just took my shirt off and put on a towel to dry off 'cause they got my shirt thoroughly soaked.

After the pool episode was over, we all changed into dry clothes and just kinda flopped down on the deck and stared at the stars. Considering the moon was pretty bright for a waxing gibbous, we saw quite a bit. And then I got another bad case of the groggies and was half-ready to fall asleep on the deck.

Since it was a Thursday night and people had stuff to do the next day, we had to kick everyone out before 10, but it was still a pretty fun party.

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