Sunday, August 8, 2010

700 posts over 2 and a half years. That's actually kinda sad, but until this year I wasn't exactly all gung-ho about posting frequently.

Anyway. Hope you enjoyed the guest post yesterday. Sure looks like it, it got more comments than a month of my posts. Camping was more fun than the EGE made it sound (he's camping illiterate anyway). Except for the fact that I forgot my Zyrtec and have been hating life due to my stuffy/runny nose, and the little ones were being annoying (again, people wonder why I don't want kids), and one of the other people that went with us (a family friend's extended family member) is like a 24/7 cigar smoker and even though my asthma is only exercise-induced, I was not exactly digging the constant smoke.

I got to borrow a bike and toodle around the campsite a bit. I haven't been riding since my pedal broke about a year ago. Note to self: get that fixed and find a good riding place that doesn't involve a lot of hills or getting hit by cars.

Also, the EGE also sucks at being my recap boy and instead made me find all the scores and whatnot myself. Jerk.

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