Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 out of 4

3 out of my last 4 birthdays have been spent teaching/learning how to march and play and crap. You guys sure are lucky I like you. Most of you. Some of you.

So since it's my birthday today, I claim full right to use "It's my birthday, dammit" as a legit excuse for anything. Like wearing red plaid pants today. And being loud and obnoxious, especially with the jamblock 'cause it screws everyone else up. Mwahahahahahaha.

Sox won 6-3 last night, Royals got creamed 12-3. Salty is out of the hospital 'cause his infection is pretty much gone, though they're still not entirely sure what it was or how he got it. He'll be back in a few days or so since he has to get acclimated to not having been let out of bed for the past few days. And in a really awkward funny waivers twist, Johnny Damon is back with the Sox EDIT, 5:20pm- Just kidding, no he's not. He nixed the waivers thing 'cause of his no-trade clause contract thing.

I'm gonna finish my traditional birthday breakfast of Nutella toast (tradition since last year) and try to figure out what is in my eye that's making it all bloodshot and itchy. Probably just an eyelash or something lame like that.

Ta ta :)