Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Guest Post

Yes, folks, it's the EGE again. Mandachan has lost power to her house for an unknown amount of time, and she's going to bed early (because, unlike me, she actually gets enough sleep before school). So, instead of a normal post from her, you get a crappy guest post from me.

So apparently Jim Parsons (of The Big Bang Theory fame) won an Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

"Dr. Cooper for the win!"

Monday, August 30, 2010

jam time

Not as in music, more in the sense that school starts in (ew) 2 days and I have a lot of stuff I need to do before then. As in finish the book I'm reading, read another one and start doing problems in this calculus workbook thingy that the EGE is letting me borrow so I'm not totally lost (though I probably will be anyway).

Working a double-shift today. Woo. Last game for me for the season 'cause I can't work once school starts due to my demanding sleep schedule. Hooray for needing more than 6 hours of sleep! (I prefer at least 9, but in this day and age, that's a weekend sleep session)

Shopping wasn't bad, except I found out that the coffee joint in the mall that I always liked to go to and have gone to since I was little isn't there anymore, and Charlotte Russe stopped selling my jeans due to their overhaul. And they went from odd sizes to even sizes so I had to go up one, which doesn't sound like a big deal but it was a little depressing to say the least.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


This past week was cold and rainy and crappy. Yet the closer we get to September, the hotter it gets. Makes no sense.

I got out of work early since it's a Sunday and no one really goes to Sunday games so they sent a bunch of people home. I got to make popcorn, which was kinda cool. Except it made my eyes sting a little. And now I smell like popcorn.

Going shopping later then possibly mini golf, though I'm not sure yet.

That's all for now.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

way to not let me know

Usually the Tigers' front office staff are pretty good about letting me know when my hours are. Yeah, it sucks that I don't find out til like 2 days before, but at least they let me know. Except this last homestand. The only reason why I know I'm working the next 3 games is 'cause I had to call them up and ask 'cause no one decided to call and tell me. Which is messed up, considering that they were expecting me to magically know that they wanted me to work Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Wednesday-Thursday. As it is, I told the guy that I won't be able to work the last two because of (ew) school.

And because the Nationals don't suck enough already, Stephen Strasburg is most likely going to have Tommy John surgery on his elbow. Sheesh. Guy was all hyped up about since last year, didn't even join the team til June or July and now he's out for a year. Someone needs to take better care of him. Heck, someone needs to take care of the entire Nationals system better. They have some great players in the minor leagues (not to mention the best team name ever for their single-A team, the Lake Monsters), yet the "real" team sucks majorly. Learn to not give away your farm talent for now-impact players, and learn to raise your farm talent up to the major league level.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I came across an article on how Feliz Hernandez just reached the 1,000-strikeout mark and is the 4th youngest to do so. What I didn't realize is that the guy is only 24. That's impressive.

Band camp was amazing today. Mostly 'cause of our ambush. We told everyone who asked that we had water balloons for a seniors-only fight after everyone left, and a surprising amount of people believed us. So we had 2 coolers, a laundry basket and a big bucket full of water balloons, a bunch of cans of silly string and some shaving cream (but the girl kind so it smelled good), and our band teacher put everyone into a block and had us fill in behind everyone.

There were a few people left with the balloons so they could carry the buckets to us when we were ready, but the rest of us were in the actual marchoff, armed with hidden water balloons and silly string (one of the few times I've actually had to use the age-old "Victoria's secret compartment" for something), so when we were called to attention, we whipped out our weapons and attacked.

We used all the silly string, ran up the hill for the water balloons, and launched hundreds of balloons (we didn't use all 750+ that we bought, but there were easily 300 balloons that we chucked). We targeted a few people in particular, and I got a perfect head shot of two freshman girls that none of the seniors really like 'cause I snuck up behind them with a glitter balloon, stuck my hand between their heads and popped it. It was awesome. A lot of the balloons popped right in our hands when we threw them but they were really crappy balloons so that's ok. It was so worth getting soaked and glittery and silly stringed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Braves and the Reds both blew 9-run leads last night. The Reds still won (12-10 over the Giants in 12 innings), the Braves didn't (12-11 to the Rockies). Giants had 5 errors last night. Good grief. And I thought it was bad that the Mariners' shortstop had 2 last night in the same inning during the Sox game (Sox still lost 4-2). Royals won 4-3 in 12.

I love how earlier in the week I was all like "Oh, it's ok that it's raining, it's only ever rained one other time in my 4 years of band camp." Yeah, about that. It has been raining, sprinkling or otherwise liquidly precipitating all week. That means lots of playing. And not much time outside. Grrr. But I guess it's better than it being 700 degrees and mad sunny out. That would suck.

Though I'm excited for tonight and tomorrow, 'cause every year on the last day of band camp, all the non-seniors have a marchoff (mini competition thing) and the seniors bombard them with water balloons and squirt guns and stuff. In the past we've also had shaving cream, whipped cream, flour and a can of tuna. There's no tuna this year (because that was gross), but we do have at least 750 water balloons and a marshmallow shooter. I'm pretty sure people are gonna bring their own Super Soakers, and we were gonna do some ice-cold water balloons, some warm ones (not boiling obviously but still warm), some filled with the cornstarch/water slime stuff, some with glitter, etc.
The EGE is kindof being a boob about it though, 'cause he decided that he was in charge (he isn't, we overruled that) and he refuses to do anything non-water 'cause he doesn't want the tradition banned. But if it survived the tuna incident, I think that a little glitter and cornstarch won't hurt anything.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

half day

Of band camp at least. Freshman orientation is this morning, so we'd be doing band stuff for an hour, then have 2 hours of half our band missing and then an hour of lunch. Now, we're just starting after lunch and calling it good enough. Not a bad gig, I get to finish up house stuff, play a bit of tennis, practice some softball and have leftover Chinese birthday lunch from yesterday before going in.

Also, I had to make shirts for my squad, and by George does puff painting suck. I had it all over me, and it smudged and looked really bad on some of the shirts. They're not worth the 4 bucks I was gonna have everyone pay me to pay back for the supplies, but I need that money back 'cause 40 bucks is kindof a lot to just piss away on shirts. I just hope they get worn at least once.

Yesterday was kinda anticlimactic, to be perfectly honest. I spent my entire day playing, which is fun in some sense but not how I wanted to spend my birthday. And my mom bought lobsters for dinner which was cool 'cause I don't have them very often, and then I realized that I have no idea how to even go about opening one since the last time I had one was when I was in elementary school, so I had to have some help, which was kinda embarrassing. Tasted good though. And I got a new stereo for my car, which is cool since the original stereo doesn't have a CD player (shut up, it's an old car).

And that's pretty much my story.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 out of 4

3 out of my last 4 birthdays have been spent teaching/learning how to march and play and crap. You guys sure are lucky I like you. Most of you. Some of you.

So since it's my birthday today, I claim full right to use "It's my birthday, dammit" as a legit excuse for anything. Like wearing red plaid pants today. And being loud and obnoxious, especially with the jamblock 'cause it screws everyone else up. Mwahahahahahaha.

Sox won 6-3 last night, Royals got creamed 12-3. Salty is out of the hospital 'cause his infection is pretty much gone, though they're still not entirely sure what it was or how he got it. He'll be back in a few days or so since he has to get acclimated to not having been let out of bed for the past few days. And in a really awkward funny waivers twist, Johnny Damon is back with the Sox EDIT, 5:20pm- Just kidding, no he's not. He nixed the waivers thing 'cause of his no-trade clause contract thing.

I'm gonna finish my traditional birthday breakfast of Nutella toast (tradition since last year) and try to figure out what is in my eye that's making it all bloodshot and itchy. Probably just an eyelash or something lame like that.

Ta ta :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

rain dance

First day of real band camp and it's raining. But considering that in my 4 years of going, it's only rained one other time, I'd say we were due for some rainage. That way we can have a marchoff in the basement and make people run into the pillars. 'Cause that's always fun.

Sox over the Jays 5-zip, Royals had their second straight walk-off last night and beat the White Sox 3-2. And Cubs' manager Lou Piniella retired from managerialness last night after the game with 1,835 career wins in 23 years of managing.

I'm gonna finish breakfast (yay Honey Nut Cheerios since I'm weird and won't eat normal Cheerios), enjoy your day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

family day

No work today (it was pouring all night/morning, there's no way that the field would've dried up in time even though it did stop raining a few times), so I spent the day with family. Nothing too terribly exciting, just went to AC Moore for t-shirts for band camp and watched a movie.

I was thinking about birthday crap, and realized that there's good and bad that come with the week around my birthday. The good part is that I get a lot more mail during that time in the way of birthday cards and even random crap that just says "happy birthday". The bad part is that I actually have to put effort into thinking how old I am, 'cause even though I am well aware when my birthday is, it's that fuzzy area where I'm almost the next year and I have to concentrate on whether I'm "old" yet or not.

I should get to working on finishing my Common App essay (shut up I know I'm gonna die in the firey pits of college hell for not having finished it yet), continue/finish reading 2 books I got from the library and a book that the EGE gave me that'll teach me calc. All of this before school starts. Yippee.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Bad allergy day today. Not sure why, I took my Zyrtec yesterday, I should be fine.

Sox got hammered yesterday, 16-2. And Pedroia is back on the DL 'cause of his foot. And Salty got put on the DL 'cause he has an infection in his leg. All these injuries are really killing the team.

I'm off to have a quasi-birthday date with my dad, then work later. And my mom and stepdad and sister went to the game last night, which was kinda weird. I guess I can't blame them, there were fireworks and I had gotten at least 10 free ticket vouchers through work, and their season ends in a few weeks. But it was kinda weird for them to go to a game without me (even though I was technically still there).

Friday, August 20, 2010


A recap post from last night has been requested.

Like I said, it was a really impromptu party, since I didn't find out my work schedule til Monday and I'm working all weekend. As it was, I completely blanked out and forgot to call my dad and tell him (no worries, I redeemed myself by opening my Saturday so we can do something fun together, since I don't see him much), and the only non-family who were there were the EGE, Laura and Tang, since they were all I had time to invite. But it was still fun.

We just had pizza 'cause it was quick and easy (the EGE made the mistake of giving me his pizza to watch while he went to get a soda 'cause he was convinced my dog would eat it off the table, and instead I took a few bites out of it), and then we did presents. Most of the bulk of my gifts were food, which was awesome. You can't go wrong with Ritz crackers and Nutella. Note that I asked for these not in the sense that I eat them together, which is what everyone else thought, but I'm intrigued enough now to try that at some point.

Then they decided to go in the pool and I didn't, because I don't like the pool and I have some principles that I like to stick to. So instead they decided to bring the pool experience to me by splashing me, shooting me with squirt guns and smacking me in the face twice with pool noodles. I don't think the "wet t-shirt contest" look was their intent, but I eventually just took my shirt off and put on a towel to dry off 'cause they got my shirt thoroughly soaked.

After the pool episode was over, we all changed into dry clothes and just kinda flopped down on the deck and stared at the stars. Considering the moon was pretty bright for a waxing gibbous, we saw quite a bit. And then I got another bad case of the groggies and was half-ready to fall asleep on the deck.

Since it was a Thursday night and people had stuff to do the next day, we had to kick everyone out before 10, but it was still a pretty fun party.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

not much to do

You know, aside from work a full day... but other than work and an impromptu birthday party, I have nothing planned.

Unfortunately that also means I have nothing to write about right now.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The rest of the season isn't looking so good for the Sox's resident speed demon. Following the diagnosis of still more broken ribs upon the collision with Tommy Hunter last week, it doesn't look like Ellsbury will be back this season. Poor dude. Only played in 18 games all season. That's only a ninth of the season.

Hang in there, we still love you! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

not all about softball

I found yet another story of a female knuckleballer that made it into Cooperstown, but what makes Chelsea Baker a little more unique than Eri Yoshida is the fact that Chelsea is only 13. First of all, she gets props for not going with the flow and converting to softball. Not that I have anything wrong with softball, of course, but it's a different game, and I never really understood why girls aren't "supposed" to play baseball.*

I mean, just looking at the story and video ESPN posted is an inspiration. As if being a girl on a Little League baseball team wasn't hard enough, she goes right on as her team's most dominant pitcher and baffles batters with her knuckleball. It's pretty cool. With no losses the past 4 years and 2 perfect games under her belt, I wouldn't be surprised if she made it to the majors some day. Sure, getting past the whole softball snafu in high school and college might be a challenge, but it would be a shame to have to convert that talent. There's not many pitchers that can throw a knuckler that good.

*For the record, I feel that softball and baseball are equally difficult, just in different areas. They're horses of completely different colors. Guys aren't used to the trajectory and arm motion of fast-pitch as well as less reaction time due to the smaller field, and girls have a hard time working on a bigger field and faster pitching. What irks me about softball is the mere premise that it was created because girls aren't capable of playing with the guys. This story and several others, not to mention half of my history thesis paper last year, is all proof that girls can and will play baseball just as well, if not better, than the guys.

Monday, August 16, 2010

my timing is terrible

So as you probably know, my birthday is next week. I have an Amazon wishlist that I keep updated for family members so I don't have to think when they ask me what I would like for my birthday or Christmas or whatever. One of the things I was looking to put on that list was a Salty t-shirt. I figured this would be easy to find, considering he's now with the Sox, and I could just go to a local sports shop and buy one myself if I really needed to.

But no, of course my timing is terrible. He's only been up with the Sox for about a week, and it's not like he's a hugely-known player, so of course no one has a shirt of him. Not even on the MLB shop, where they have everyone.

So unless they start whipping out Salty shirts in the next week, I'll just have to buy one myself when they do come out. Though, because of working for the Tigers, I don't even know if I'll have time for a birthday party. Again, hooray for badly-timed homestands.

Oh well. I'm going out to breakfast before the first bit of squad leadering this morning. Yay for not having to make my own breakfast.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

holding on

...to the last glimpses of summer. That's right, band camp crap starts this week. Luckily it's only upperclassmen for most of this week, and then a mini freshman orientation-ish thing later in the week, so I'll have time to regroup before next week when everyone shows up. And I have to spend my birthday (my birthday) teaching them how to march. Lucky me.

Anyway. Baseball hasn't been too good for anyone I follow lately, so it's almost pointless to post about it since it's all mostly disappointment anyway.

I'm gonna go nurse the sunburn I got at the beach today (I got dragged there while my parents played volleyball with my aunt and uncle, and my cousins and sister played in the water. I did college research with my course books), so enjoy your night.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

third time's the charm?

I was hoping it didn't have to come to this, but Ellsbury's back on the DL. Again. Same injury, different day. Those gosh darn ribs. He's only played 18 games all season, between the Beltre collision in April, the diving catch against the Phillies (I think, I don't remember) and now colliding with Tommy Hunter on the way to first.

Oh well. Stay healthy, Ellsbury. For next year. And for my own sanity.

shopping trips and college visits and doubleheaders, oh my!

(sorry, that was lame)

Anyway, I'll backtrack to Thursday. I did end up getting out of work at 2, which was nice, so I went on all my errands... which kinda turned into a mini shopping extravaganza. I didn't buy a terrible lot, just a few things, and I didn't need most of them, but I figured that I had time and I was already out and about anyway. 70 bucks sure goes by quickly. And a half tank of gas, even with my car, which gets 30+mpg.

Yesterday was my trip up to Boston to visit Emerson College, it was really cool. I really liked the programs they had (a lot of their courses sound really interesting, like the one they had about the purpose of monsters in movies and books and stuff), and the location is just awesome in general, which gave it a slight upper hand over Ithaca in that sense. The only problems I had were the money aspect (which will be a problem no matter where I go), and the fact that it is a very creative and right-brained school, which worries me a bit 'cause I'm somewhere in the middle of brained-ness so I don't think I'd be exactly what they're looking for.

While I was up there, I got a call that sorted out my work confusion, but not in the way I had expected: the game had been cancelled (at 3 in the afternoon for a 7pm game) and there'll be a doubleheader today. Turns out the Tigers' bus broke down on the way home and they wouldn't be home in time. Kinda sad in a funny way. Regardless, I won't be home til really late since when they do doubleheaders, they do 2 7-inning games starting at 5pm.

And Ellsbury left last night's game against the Rangers with a reinjured left side. Here we go again.

Friday, August 13, 2010

faux post

'Cause I'm too tired. What a surprise. I'll try to get a real one done tomorrow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

still tired

Functioning on more sleep, but still pretty tired. I'm kinda hoping I get sent home early today since they already have someone at work today whose job I double-up on. I need to go do the stuff I meant to do yesterday and then maybe sleep some.

Sox routed the Blue Jays 10-1 last night but Salty only subbed in defensively. He'll be up here as V-Mart's backup 'til 'Tek's broken foot gets better.

Speaking of broken feet, Pedroia's is pretty much all set to go, so he'll be returning to the Sox tonight, which is cool.

I'm actually going up to Boston tomorrow but for a college tour, not a Sox game. I'll have time to post when I get back though.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i hate schedule changes

Wonky schedules suck. I don't feel like going into details. It's not bad, just annoying.

In lighter news, Salty got called up to play in tonight's game against the Blue Jays :)

That's all I feel like typing, I went to a sleepover yesterday and am functioning on less than 4 hours of sleep right now.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

there goes my plans

I wasn't s'posed to work tomorrow. Turns out I have to because there's no one there tomorrow to work my job. It kinda sucks, 'cause I was planning on doing a few errands, then dropping off summer stuff at school and maybe playing a bit of tennis or throwing a bit since I need to both.

I was also planning on getting my bike fixed, so I felt compelled to try and cram my entire bike into my car, only to find out after a half hour of struggling that my bike doesn't fit in my car without taking it apart. Boooo. And now I'm not even sure if I'll be able to get it fixed tomorrow, since I have to work.

Oh well. Emails to write, stuff to do, blah blah blah.

Sox beat the Blue Jays 7-5, Royals facing Dan Haren and the Angels right now.

Monday, August 9, 2010

did i not already say this...

I'm not sure what it is, but the Tigers keep scheduling me to work the games that I already told them I couldn't work. Grrr.

Oh well. I'm skipping Friday to go to Boston on a college visit. Because I finally got around to scheduling one.

Also, the Sox just beat the Yankees 2-1. Woo! And Ellsbury had 4 stolen bases! Double woo!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

700 posts

...in over 2 and a half years. That's actually kinda sad, but until this year I wasn't exactly all gung-ho about posting frequently.

Anyway. Hope you enjoyed the guest post yesterday. Sure looks like it, it got more comments than a month of my posts. Camping was more fun than the EGE made it sound (he's camping illiterate anyway). Except for the fact that I forgot my Zyrtec and have been hating life due to my stuffy/runny nose, and the little ones were being annoying (again, people wonder why I don't want kids), and one of the other people that went with us (a family friend's extended family member) is like a 24/7 cigar smoker and even though my asthma is only exercise-induced, I was not exactly digging the constant smoke.

I got to borrow a bike and toodle around the campsite a bit. I haven't been riding since my pedal broke about a year ago. Note to self: get that fixed and find a good riding place that doesn't involve a lot of hills or getting hit by cars.

Also, the EGE also sucks at being my recap boy and instead made me find all the scores and whatnot myself. Jerk.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hi. It's actually The EGE here. Yes, mandachan told me to be here, and to post. Didn't say what about. She's still out eating bugs and sleeping under rocks and whatever the hell else camping involves. Don't ask me, when I go out hiking in the wilderness, I like to come back to a nice relaxing hotel room. Or at least a proper bed in an AMC hut.

I mean, I'm cool being out in the middle of the forest all day when it's light. I can see whatever's out there (okay, okay, I have nearly walked into a moose. In my defense, damn thing was smack in the middle of the trail). But I'll be damned* before I go to sleep with only one layer of 20-mil nylon cloth between me and whatever hungry caniform** wishes to make a snack out of my head.

Also, before mandachan comes back and sonic-hip-checks me into next week for being an ass on her blog, I have one more snarky comment to make. They're in Rhode Island. Which, not everything's bad about Rhode Island. The natives are hard to stereotype, except for the accent. And the clam chowder (the clear stuff) which is not as godawful bad as Manhattan chowder, but not as good as proper New England chowder. Excuse me. Chowdah.

But I digress. The problem with Rhode Island, you see is that it's flat. Boringly flat. As in the highest point is 812 feet, and that's on a ridge that really belongs to CT. The highpoint is half a mile from Connecticut. And 812 feet is flat. Like, I can hit a golf ball further than that. I could fly a rocket from sea level and land it on that hill. Give me dem mountains every time.


~~~~ The EGE

* I already am damned. But that's a story for another day.

** read: BEARS

Friday, August 6, 2010

going camping

So I'm relying on the fact that the EGE knows my password to post tomorrow. Guest post sorta thing. I'll be back sometime Sunday, though.

See you when I get back!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

that's the end of that

Youk got put on the DL for a busted thumb and will be out the rest of the season from thumb surgery, and Jose Guillen got the boot from the Royals. Also, A-Roid hit his 600th home run the other day but personally I don't think most of his home runs should count 'cause they weren't all legitly earned 'cause he's an idiot and took steroids.

I flipped on the GameCast-ish thing for the PawSox game, they beat the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees 5-0, Salty went 2 for 4 with 2 doubles and an RBI and a run and a strikeout.

Oh, and YouTube is officially awesome, 'cause they have a live feed of the Arcade Fire concert at Madison Square Garden right now. It's pretty cool. So I'm gonna continue watching/listening to that, enjoy your night.

well there goes that

Turns out I don't have to work the first of my two shifts. I'm glad, I wanted to sleep in. I was gonna go in to water, but then it poured, which is kinda nice except I was gonna get breakfast on the way there. So that's out. And there's no milk or eggs left in the house so I had to have toast for breakfast.

In baseball, the Sox were atrocious last night. I mean, yeah, crappy pitching outings happen, but 3 errors is a little much. Indians won 9-1. But on a lighter note, Ellsbury is finally back in action after all his injuries and rehab and stuff. Unfortunately, he had an 0-fer. But also on a lighter note, Justin Masterson was pitching, so I can't really hate him for getting the win.

The Royals lost 4-3 to the A's, Alex had an 0-fer and is now batting an even .200. And I found a really funny picture of Kila Ka'aihue running into Mark Ellis.
(photo from ESPN, speech bubbles added by me)
 It's one of those "Get your face out of my junk!"/"Get your junk out of my face!" things.

Also, I was thinking about the Dan Haren trade lately (particularly after reading this post of Bringing Diamond Back(s)), and I'm starting to think that bringing him to the AL might not have been such a good idea because of the DH rule. Pitchers are generally pretty crappy hitters in comparison with the rest of their team because they have to focus so much on their pitching, but Danny has been one of the best hitters I've seen this season, pitchers or not. Before the trade, he was batting .364: in 23 games, he had 6 doubles, 1 home run, 8 runs and 7 RBIs in 20 hits. But now he won't be able to hit 'cause he's in the American League. It's kindof a waste of good talent, honestly. Sure, the Angels might have a better chance of making the playoffs, but now I'm feeling that he should've stayed in the NL. (Though he could DH or PH on a day he's not pitching...)

Oh well. I'm gonna try and whip out some more of that college essay. Bye :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a day to relax

Not completely, since I do have to get my stinkin' senior photos taken. Which will suck. I hate getting pictures taken, hate it with a passion. All I asked for was to go in there, get my yearbook picture done and get the heck out of dodge. But nooo, my family wanted one of the bigger packages, so I have to suffer through a big photo thing. >:P

Also, I've found another webcomic to share...ok, I didn't find it myself, it was shown to me, but you get my drift. Surviving The World is an unorthodox but fantastic spin of the traditional webcomic, providing tips for ... well, surviving the world (hence the name)... but in hilarious ways.
For example, #395:
Love is best defined by one simple number: the number of times you're willing to simply just roll your eyes at your significant other's shenanigans.
(and from experience, I know this is true)
But yeah, it is definitely a site to check out, there's a new one every day. And there's a Facebook fan page too.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

that's convenient

Yesterday's game was pretty slow (well hello, no one comes to weekday games), so I got to come home early. And I got my paycheck which was cool, and I was trying to figure out how much I should keep just for spending money until I realized "Oh right, I still need to pay for my ACTs." So there went my leftovers.
College prep is starting to get expensive. When all is said and done, I'll have spent almost 200 bucks on testing alone (the ACTs, the SATs twice and the SAT subject tests). That's not even looking at how much I'll have to spend on application fees. It's a good thing I have 2 jobs, otherwise I'd be screwed.

I guess that's all for now. Hasta luego.

Monday, August 2, 2010

a complete coincidence

I swear, I don't intentionally post 33 posts a month. It just kinda happened. Funny how the world works out like that.

Nothing much to say here. I'm working back-to-back shifts tonight, so I have my fingers crossed that the game will be quick so I can get home at a reasonable time and not be dead for work tomorrow morning.

Also, I think I've come up with a legit but not horribly cliché idea for my Common App essay. Unfortunately, the nature of the subject will lend itself quite easily to wit and snark and self-degradation and a whole slew of other things that generally aren't in a college application essay, but those they people say that colleges want to know about your personal style, and that's what they're gonna get.

That's all for now. Happy (ugh) Monday.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

ok, i lied

The Dan Haren trade was an important story in terms of news coverage, but the fact that Salty got traded to the Red Sox is more important in terms of impact. He got traded for a handful of minor leaguers I've never heard of, money and the infamous "player to be named later", and they're putting him in Pawtucket, which is awesome, 'cause it's a lot easier to get PawSox tickets than Red Sox tickets (both in terms of availability and price).

And I thought that I've desensitized myself to big baseball news this season, having suffered lots of DL trips and demotions and promotions and such. Yet I still squealed when I saw this.

Welcome to the Sox, Salty!