Saturday, July 31, 2010

the world still secretly hates me

The first incident yesterday that proved this was me cleaning the pool. I don't really like the pool to begin with, let alone cleaning it. But I was almost done with it, and then I accidentally knocked the chlorine dispenser on the ground, got splashed with pool water. Fine, whatever. Until I finished and went inside and realize that it wasn't just normal pool water I got hit with, it was massively chloriney pool water that trashed my shirt, pants and shoes. Note that I was cleaning the pool in my work clothes (I know, I'm an idiot, we've already gone through this). So while I was able to salvage my blue Converses by scribbling on the white patches with blue Sharpie, I need a new work shirt and new work pants. And yet people wonder why I don't like the pool.

Second, I was watching both the Sox game and the Royals game on the ESPN GameCast last night. Sox were down 4-1 when I was watching, Royals were up 3-2 but Alex was doing quite badly. So, of course, after I stop watching, Big Papi goes and hits a grand slam and Alex hits a 3-run walk-off homer. Sox still lost 6-5, Royals won 7-5.

(but look how adorable he is :D)

And finally, I was making barbecue sauce for the party today, and when I tried pouring it from the bowl into the bottle (using a funnel to catch the mess), I still managed to blow barbecue sauce all over the place. Including my shirt.

(I also got rickrolled by the Sirius 80s on 8 channel, but that wasn't necessarily bad so much as funny)

It never ends.

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