Sunday, July 11, 2010

wi-fi is a lifesaver

Hooray for being able to post "abroad"! I guess this kinda defeats the purpose of me bringing the DLGM notebook, but that's ok. Having wi-fi is one of the things that made me happy when a bunch of things went wrong today.

Getting up at 4am is not fun. EVER. And then we took a van to the other side of the state, in the dark (though by the time we got there it wasn't really dark any more...). And then we got off the van and onto a really nice coach bus that was s'posed to leave at 7:30 but for some reason the bus driver left before anyone other than us got there, so we got to the second stop waaaaay too early. And then we had to go back to where we got picked up to pick up some more people, which put us behind schedule for the other two stops.

We finally got here at around 1ish, checked in... and then realized that the check-in place was about 5 blocks away from our dorm building. So we trudged there with all our crap (and it was really sunny and hot) and then the building is like a house so there's no elevator and we had to lug our suitcases up the stairs which was not fun.

Orientation, whatever whatever. I go to head to my lab class, which is a class on InDesign, and I find out that the classroom is locked and there's no teacher around, so I freak out 'cause my schedule is screwed up, run to the dining hall for what was left of the first dinner wave and go to the second session class.

And then I find out that not only is my computer not equipped with the proper plug-ins that the assistants put on everyone else's computers, I don't  even have InDesign on the computer. And you can't really take a class on InDesign without the program.

When all is said and done, I'm gonna have to use our adviser's computer for InDesign stuffs, which kinda sucks. I guess I just got the dysfunctional computer (InDesign problems aside, this computer kinda pisses me off 'cause you have to slam on the backspace key for it to work. And I don't like Macs anyway). And the dysfunctional schedule.

So I guess that now you don't get much for guest posts, though I told the EGE that he could still guest post if he wants. Woohoo for more confusion :P

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