Friday, July 16, 2010

things i've learned this week

(in no particular order)
  1. Eating at 10:30 at night sucks. Thank you to whoever the idiots at work were that made those they people discontinue the hot dog breaks.
  2. To volleyball players, pants are a foreign concept. (in case they were wondering, Spandex pants)
  3.  It's actually not that hard to sleep on a coach bus full of people... until someone has the brilliant idea to put Quantum of Solace on and wake everyone up.
  4. Our school is famous in the northeastern US yearbook world; whenever we told a staff member who we were, they were all like "Oh, you're that school," referring to the fact that not only are we understaffed (at most we'll have 15 people), we have to publish the yearbook and the school newspaper with that staff.
  5. Using our school's obsession with the newest Toy Story movie to partially justify our title ("To Infinity and Beyond") could've saved our score on our yearbook theme packet.
  6. Our new adviser is cool enough that he's not only cool with us pulling "that's what she said" jokes and other raunchy stuff, he joins in with us. (6a: he's also considering getting us a chocolate milk machine for the room)
  7. A yearbook takes a LOT of work to make. We're in for a challenge.


    fencer_22 said...

    chocolate milk machine?

    mandachan said...

    yes. it will be great.m