Tuesday, July 13, 2010

such class

While most other groups at the camp are busy spending their free time creating their theme packets or engaging themselves in the history of Gettysburg, here we are, planning on how we can sneak "that's what she said" jokes into our yearbook. Regardless, it'll be a fun year with this group.

Congrats going out to Big Papi for winning the Home Run Derby last night with 31 homers. He's the first Sox player to win that, and he's probably the only Sox representation in the whole All-Star break, but that's aside the point.

In sadder news, George Steinbrenner died this morning in Florida. Sure, I hate the Yankees with a passion, and there's quite a few kinks in baseball history because of him and his leadershipness. But this guy was one of the big-shot names in the sport, and he was basically the face of modern baseball and all its glory (I mean, hey, even I've heard of this guy), so it's only fair to recognize this fallen baseball mogul.

I guess that's all for now. Hasta luego :)

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