Sunday, July 25, 2010


Partially 'cause I'm tired, partially 'cause of the awesomeness of the concert last night.

Dinner with the EGE's ARML peeps went well (I was afraid that I was gonna look like the dumb one since they're all mathly oriented and I'm planning on going into a liberal arts major which is apparently the devil's spawn). The theater was really cool, too; it was a decently sized dome but it was all woodwork on the inside (between songs, Isaac Brock said that it was like a big yurt, and that's pretty close to what it was). It was still small enough to feel kinda ... "homey" isn't the word, but it wasn't as big as most other venues.

Morning Teleportation did the opening act, and they were pretty good. It threw me off a bit 'cause they were one of those bands with songs that would change completely in the middle, so I was never sure whether if the song was over or just in a different part. I almost got a shirt from their booth, but I had already bought a Modest Mouse t-shirt and I didn't think I needed to spend almost all the money I had on t-shirts.

There was a pretty big delay between acts, supposedly it was 'cause the thunderstorm prevented the second guys from getting there (I just assumed that everyone got there at the same time, but whatever). The music was just incredible. I kinda went into it partially blind, knowing only one album, and I only knew 2 songs they played all night, but it was awesome how you could just feel the intensity of the music. And I'm not talking about the loudness (though the music was so loud that my clothes were vibrating, particularly on the bass-heavy parts). It was awesome.

It got over around 11, which isn't terribly late, but I got a horrible case of the groggies towards the end and on the way home, and I ended up completely lights-out asleep on the way home. But it was well worth it :)

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