Monday, July 26, 2010

probably the biggest story of the season

For me, at least. I would've gotten to it this morning but I didn't have time. Also, I kinda temporarily forgot about it.

Anyway, Dan Haren got sent to the Angels for Joe Saunders and a couple other guys. 1, hooray that he's in the American League, where I can see him at least twice a year. 2, hooray that the Sox are in Anaheim this week to continue their West Coast trip. 3, hooray that he's pitching tonight... er, right now. So how perfect is that?

I'm gonna go watch the game now. Ta ta!

EDIT, 7:58pm- I'm an idiot. Game doesn't start til 7:05 PST. They're on the West Coast. That's 10:05 our time. Duuuuh.

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