Friday, July 9, 2010

last hurrah

Today will probably be my last post for a while 'cause I'm going up to Boston tomorrow for the Futures at Fenway games, then I'm off to Middle-of-Nowhere, Pennsylvania (a.k.a. Gettysburg) for a yearbook/journalism school thing at buttcrack-hour Sunday morning, and I won't be back til late Thursday.

I might have Internet access 'cause we'll have computers, but just in case, I'll be continuing DLGM (and in a retypable format this time), and I've also persuaded the EGE to maybe guest post a bit while I'm gone. Mostly to try and save my good posting string (which, for the record, has been at least one post per day since the end of January).

Whatever happens, enjoy your week and I shall update you all on my festivities when I return. Ta ta!

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