Friday, July 23, 2010

just a bit of a delay

No, I didn't just get home from work, I just didn't have time yesterday to do a real post when I got home. What yesterday's post was s'posed to be about was how Wednesday completely backfired on me.

I went to one of the local parks with the EGE for lunch, that was fine. We ate, talked about random things and displayed our easily-distracted-ness when a train passed by and we completely stopped our conversation to watch it (in my defense, I have never seen a train on that track before).

And then we went to the batting cage. Biiiiig mistake on my part. I figured that this could be fun, I could show that I'm not a complete loser at everything I do. I mean, I batted .429 this past season, and as much as that doesn't really count since it was one good season and in JV, I was feeling pretty confident. Now, throw in the fact that I used a 34"/28oz bat instead of my 34"/23oz bat (I didn't want to trash it on the machine), I hadn't been to the cage since before the season ended and the cage I went into ended up being 60mph (the sign was smudged and I thought it read 50) and you'll see why this went downhill fast.

First round we both kinda sucked. I had 7 contacts out of 20, 2 legit hits; he had 2 contacts and no legit hits. Then I started to get tired (it was pretty hot out) and a little frustrated since I know I can hit 50mph (or 60, as it turned out), and then the EGE resorted to cheating and using a tennis swing, so he completely blew me out of the water the 3rd round. I stopped counting 'cause I was getting kinda pissed at him, but it was somewhere around 13 contacts, I don't know how many legit hits 'cause I wasn't watching. I know, really mature of me to do. But I was getting my butt kicked from here to the moon at my own sport. By a tennis player.

So with my ego thoroughly destroyed at this point, all I wanted to do was sit and do nothing for the rest of the day. But I had to go pick up that banquet reimbursement stuff, and then I called my parents to ask if I could just hang out at the EGE's and have ice cream and play Wii and stuff, but turns out I couldn't 'cause we had to go to my stepdad's family's house for dinner and to see my cousin's  new baby (note: I'm not even related to these people, yet I had to go). So that evening kinda sucked too.

And to top it off, I now have a horrible sunburn on my back and shoulders. Figures, the one time I wear a tanktop outside, and the one time I don't put sunscreen on, I get fried. We weren't even outside for 2 hours, and most of that was in the shade. Grrrr.

So yeah. Wednesday kinda sucked. Yesterday was fine, and today is all about getting a hold on organizing and making sure everything is set. Mostly in the sense of my room being a disaster area, having to do my next calc summer assignment, that sorta stuff.

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