Monday, July 5, 2010


The Sox have like seventy bajillion people on the DL, and it's getting a little old. I realize that people get injured, but does it have to happen in droves? I mean, during the San Fran series a few weeks back we had a person injured every game, and it seems like every time I read my ESPN news feed, yet another guy gets put on the DL for an injury that just magically appeared. Cripes, they practically have an entire lineup of people on the DL right now. All they need is a first baseman and another outfielder. But please don't take that as a challenge. Please.

Anyway. I feel like a jerk right now 'cause of the whole "everyone wants me to hang out and I can't" thing, especially since now I learn that I could've done something with my friends today. Even if it was something small like hanging out and watching a few episodes of Firefly or acting like 5-year-olds and going to the playground. Grrrr.

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