Friday, July 2, 2010

a-hunting i will go

Not real hunting, I like venison but let my stepdad do the dirty work. Also, I don't think I'd have the guts to kill something bigger than a bug, or that chipmunk that accidentally ran in front of my car a few weeks back (I felt horrible after I hit that poor thing).

Anyway, my mom sent me on the task of finding info about college tours for this summer. Yes, my mom asked me to go online. Le gasp! It's really not that hard to find info, CollegeBoard has a profile for pretty much every college in existence and links to all the important sites for those colleges. Hooray for not having to do much work! :)

Last night's concert was AWESOME. I dragged the EGE with me (not in the same car, that'd be illegal), and we met up with Laura and a few of her friends and gave each other piggy back rides and tackled each other and did all sorts of silly things. And then we went to Laura's friend Hannah's house (which is right down the street from me) to play Scattergories. I felt really stupid 'cause I had never played it before... until I realized that we had played it in Spanish class this year under the name "Explosión." Go me. I kicked butt at it though :)

In baseball news, Alex got voted to the triple-A All-Star Game, which is cool. I mean, yeah, I'm pissed that he's there and not in the majors, and his batting average has had a slow and steady decline, but I can't complain 'cause he's doing a lot better there than he has in the majors.

And that's all I have for you today. Enjoy your Friday!

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