Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hooray for news feeds

Usually I only wind up clicking on anything in my news feed if it pertains to any of my 5, or if it's something funny. I found, like, seventy bajillion things to write about today. I'll go in order of what I clicked on.

Ellsbury is starting his first rehab assignment since going on the DL back in... sheesh, when was it? May? Cripes, it's been so long since he's played (he's only played in 9 games all season). Anyway. He's hanging out in the Gulf Coast League and went 1 for 3 last night.

The Sox won 6-3 last night, but Haren only lasted 4 2/3 innings 'cause Youk got him in the arm with a liner. He says he's ok, just a bruised right forearm, but Mr. Angels Manager Dude isn't sure he wants Haren to make his next start, depending on how his arm heals up and how badly the bruise is.

Even though I hate Matt "Mr. Big Nose" Garza, I gotta give him props for his no-no of the Tigers last night. For those of you keeping track, that's the Rays' first ever no-no (the second franchise-first no-no this year, after Jimenez' no-no for the Rockies), and the 5th one this year (including Braden's and Halladay's perfect games and Edwin Jackson's no-no).

Finally, the Royals got their butts handed to them last night. Poor Greinke. 6-run first inning, and only 1 run to work with through the entire game. Twins won 19-1 (that sounds like a high-school game).

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