Wednesday, July 28, 2010

good signs

Haren doesn't have a broken arm (if he did, I'd have to revolt against Youk the same way I'm revolting against Beltre for breaking Ellsbury's and Hermida's ribs), and Ellsbury is doing great in his rehab games. And I've been taking care of my college-based freakout sessions this week by having the EGE's mom explain to me what I needed to do (since she's practically the college admissions goddess). All is well.

Except for in Mariokart, but I'm not gonna go there since I'm still mad about that.

ANYWAY. Have to go into work but just to water the plants, I figure I'll do that on the way to lunch since it's ... well, on the way. But for right now, I'm being a lazy butt and not doing anything. Because I'm tired, dangit.

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