Saturday, July 17, 2010

busy weekend

Off to Lake Compounce today with the family. Obviously the EGE won't be there to go on rides with me 'cause he's in Ohio, which kinda sucks, but whatever. And my parents are officially off their skulls 'cause they seem to think that taking my 6-year-old sister on the biggest rollercoaster in the park, because she is the right height, is a good idea. I first went on it when I was, like, 11, and I was scared pantsless. I'm fine now, but that's 'cause I'm old and I can handle it. I don't think that my sister is a wuss, but she's 6 for crying out loud! She'll be terrified and emotionally scarred from going on a 60+mph wooden roller coaster. :P

'Tis all. Bye :)

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