Saturday, July 31, 2010

the world still secretly hates me

The first incident yesterday that proved this was me cleaning the pool. I don't really like the pool to begin with, let alone cleaning it. But I was almost done with it, and then I accidentally knocked the chlorine dispenser on the ground, got splashed with pool water. Fine, whatever. Until I finished and went inside and realize that it wasn't just normal pool water I got hit with, it was massively chloriney pool water that trashed my shirt, pants and shoes. Note that I was cleaning the pool in my work clothes (I know, I'm an idiot, we've already gone through this). So while I was able to salvage my blue Converses by scribbling on the white patches with blue Sharpie, I need a new work shirt and new work pants. And yet people wonder why I don't like the pool.

Second, I was watching both the Sox game and the Royals game on the ESPN GameCast last night. Sox were down 4-1 when I was watching, Royals were up 3-2 but Alex was doing quite badly. So, of course, after I stop watching, Big Papi goes and hits a grand slam and Alex hits a 3-run walk-off homer. Sox still lost 6-5, Royals won 7-5.

(but look how adorable he is :D)

And finally, I was making barbecue sauce for the party today, and when I tried pouring it from the bowl into the bottle (using a funnel to catch the mess), I still managed to blow barbecue sauce all over the place. Including my shirt.

(I also got rickrolled by the Sirius 80s on 8 channel, but that wasn't necessarily bad so much as funny)

It never ends.

Friday, July 30, 2010

taking a breather

Did not want to wake up this morning. Usually I don't work Fridays but they needed me in today. So I get from now til tomorrow afternoon to chill, and tomorrow night is a doubleheader (I have a family thing going on that night too so I'm hoping to get out of the second game).

I have my calc summer work done, but I should probably get to work on thinking of ideas for my Common App essay. Bleck. :P

Thursday, July 29, 2010

getting there

Have almost all of my college visits/open houses set up. It's a start. Need to work on the essay for the Common App. And my calc summer work (got an 88 on the other assignment, I need to do better on this one). And watering for work (or not, depends on if it rains). And my dentist appointment today.

Not much else planned for today, which is good. As much as it's nice that I can drive myself places, sometimes I just want to stay home and do nothing all day.

I went to a local park yesterday and went tree-climbing (sort of) and took pictures with the yearbook camera I was given before school got out. It's a nice camera, just wish it had better zoom.

Um... guess that's it. Bye :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

good signs

Haren doesn't have a broken arm (if he did, I'd have to revolt against Youk the same way I'm revolting against Beltre for breaking Ellsbury's and Hermida's ribs), and Ellsbury is doing great in his rehab games. And I've been taking care of my college-based freakout sessions this week by having the EGE's mom explain to me what I needed to do (since she's practically the college admissions goddess). All is well.

Except for in Mariokart, but I'm not gonna go there since I'm still mad about that.

ANYWAY. Have to go into work but just to water the plants, I figure I'll do that on the way to lunch since it's ... well, on the way. But for right now, I'm being a lazy butt and not doing anything. Because I'm tired, dangit.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hooray for news feeds

Usually I only wind up clicking on anything in my news feed if it pertains to any of my 5, or if it's something funny. I found, like, seventy bajillion things to write about today. I'll go in order of what I clicked on.

Ellsbury is starting his first rehab assignment since going on the DL back in... sheesh, when was it? May? Cripes, it's been so long since he's played (he's only played in 9 games all season). Anyway. He's hanging out in the Gulf Coast League and went 1 for 3 last night.

The Sox won 6-3 last night, but Haren only lasted 4 2/3 innings 'cause Youk got him in the arm with a liner. He says he's ok, just a bruised right forearm, but Mr. Angels Manager Dude isn't sure he wants Haren to make his next start, depending on how his arm heals up and how badly the bruise is.

Even though I hate Matt "Mr. Big Nose" Garza, I gotta give him props for his no-no of the Tigers last night. For those of you keeping track, that's the Rays' first ever no-no (the second franchise-first no-no this year, after Jimenez' no-no for the Rockies), and the 5th one this year (including Braden's and Halladay's perfect games and Edwin Jackson's no-no).

Finally, the Royals got their butts handed to them last night. Poor Greinke. 6-run first inning, and only 1 run to work with through the entire game. Twins won 19-1 (that sounds like a high-school game).

Monday, July 26, 2010

probably the biggest story of the season

For me, at least. I would've gotten to it this morning but I didn't have time. Also, I kinda temporarily forgot about it.

Anyway, Dan Haren got sent to the Angels for Joe Saunders and a couple other guys. 1, hooray that he's in the American League, where I can see him at least twice a year. 2, hooray that the Sox are in Anaheim this week to continue their West Coast trip. 3, hooray that he's pitching tonight... er, right now. So how perfect is that?

I'm gonna go watch the game now. Ta ta!

EDIT, 7:58pm- I'm an idiot. Game doesn't start til 7:05 PST. They're on the West Coast. That's 10:05 our time. Duuuuh.


I had a dream about Sonic last night (I've never been to one), and right when I was ready to drink my slushie (and eat my complementary hamburger and hot dog, long story), I woke up. Was not a happy camper.

Anyway, same deal, different day. Work til later. I'm thinking about getting a haircut on the way home, too. Nothing major, just a trim to try and cut down on my split ends (no pun intended there).

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Partially 'cause I'm tired, partially 'cause of the awesomeness of the concert last night.

Dinner with the EGE's ARML peeps went well (I was afraid that I was gonna look like the dumb one since they're all mathly oriented and I'm planning on going into a liberal arts major which is apparently the devil's spawn). The theater was really cool, too; it was a decently sized dome but it was all woodwork on the inside (between songs, Isaac Brock said that it was like a big yurt, and that's pretty close to what it was). It was still small enough to feel kinda ... "homey" isn't the word, but it wasn't as big as most other venues.

Morning Teleportation did the opening act, and they were pretty good. It threw me off a bit 'cause they were one of those bands with songs that would change completely in the middle, so I was never sure whether if the song was over or just in a different part. I almost got a shirt from their booth, but I had already bought a Modest Mouse t-shirt and I didn't think I needed to spend almost all the money I had on t-shirts.

There was a pretty big delay between acts, supposedly it was 'cause the thunderstorm prevented the second guys from getting there (I just assumed that everyone got there at the same time, but whatever). The music was just incredible. I kinda went into it partially blind, knowing only one album, and I only knew 2 songs they played all night, but it was awesome how you could just feel the intensity of the music. And I'm not talking about the loudness (though the music was so loud that my clothes were vibrating, particularly on the bass-heavy parts). It was awesome.

It got over around 11, which isn't terribly late, but I got a horrible case of the groggies towards the end and on the way home, and I ended up completely lights-out asleep on the way home. But it was well worth it :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

much better

Two reasons why:

1, Alex got called back up to the Royals! Eee! Unfortunately, it's because DeJesus busted his thumb on Thursday on Jeter's inside-the-park home run (to quote Ellie in our discussion on this, "I already didn't like the Yankees and now they broke DeJesus"). The Boys in Blue ended up losing 7-1 after an hour and 25 minute rain delay in the 5th inning in addition to Bannister giving up 4 runs in the first inning and Alex going 0 for 4 with a strikeout and an error, but hey. Alex got called back up. I'm not complaining. I just wish I got the YES channel.

2, I'm going to the Modest Mouse concert tonight! I know, I'm lame for being this old (relatively speaking) and having never been to a real (i.e. not school related) concert, but I've also never had 2 jobs or the money to pay for said tickets. I probably should've listened to the new CD beforehand, but I've been listening to the one before it so it's not like I'm going into this blind. I shall post about the awesomeness tomorrow, but in the meantime, enjoy this video, it's one of my favorites from the 2nd newest album.

Friday, July 23, 2010

just a bit of a delay

No, I didn't just get home from work, I just didn't have time yesterday to do a real post when I got home. What yesterday's post was s'posed to be about was how Wednesday completely backfired on me.

I went to one of the local parks with the EGE for lunch, that was fine. We ate, talked about random things and displayed our easily-distracted-ness when a train passed by and we completely stopped our conversation to watch it (in my defense, I have never seen a train on that track before).

And then we went to the batting cage. Biiiiig mistake on my part. I figured that this could be fun, I could show that I'm not a complete loser at everything I do. I mean, I batted .429 this past season, and as much as that doesn't really count since it was one good season and in JV, I was feeling pretty confident. Now, throw in the fact that I used a 34"/28oz bat instead of my 34"/23oz bat (I didn't want to trash it on the machine), I hadn't been to the cage since before the season ended and the cage I went into ended up being 60mph (the sign was smudged and I thought it read 50) and you'll see why this went downhill fast.

First round we both kinda sucked. I had 7 contacts out of 20, 2 legit hits; he had 2 contacts and no legit hits. Then I started to get tired (it was pretty hot out) and a little frustrated since I know I can hit 50mph (or 60, as it turned out), and then the EGE resorted to cheating and using a tennis swing, so he completely blew me out of the water the 3rd round. I stopped counting 'cause I was getting kinda pissed at him, but it was somewhere around 13 contacts, I don't know how many legit hits 'cause I wasn't watching. I know, really mature of me to do. But I was getting my butt kicked from here to the moon at my own sport. By a tennis player.

So with my ego thoroughly destroyed at this point, all I wanted to do was sit and do nothing for the rest of the day. But I had to go pick up that banquet reimbursement stuff, and then I called my parents to ask if I could just hang out at the EGE's and have ice cream and play Wii and stuff, but turns out I couldn't 'cause we had to go to my stepdad's family's house for dinner and to see my cousin's  new baby (note: I'm not even related to these people, yet I had to go). So that evening kinda sucked too.

And to top it off, I now have a horrible sunburn on my back and shoulders. Figures, the one time I wear a tanktop outside, and the one time I don't put sunscreen on, I get fried. We weren't even outside for 2 hours, and most of that was in the shade. Grrrr.

So yeah. Wednesday kinda sucked. Yesterday was fine, and today is all about getting a hold on organizing and making sure everything is set. Mostly in the sense of my room being a disaster area, having to do my next calc summer assignment, that sorta stuff.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


no time for a real post. will do one when i get home. gotta go to work. bye!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

*collective groan*

Was reading my ESPN news feed and saw that Carl Crawford got taken out of the game after being hit with a pickoff throw. I clicked on the story just 'cause, turns out he got nailed in the junk with the throw, got tagged out with said throw after it hit him, and spent the next few minutes on the ground before leaving the game and not returning. Poor guy.

I gotta do some stuff around the house and visit my softball coach for banquet reimbursement stuff, but otherwise I'm planning on hanging out with the EGE today, though we both might be too sleep-deprived to go to the batting cage. Also, it might rain. Which would suck.

I should get to doing those chores, huh... enjoy your day, here's to hoping it doesn't rain.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's following me!

I couldn't be at work yesterday without thinking of the "Dentist!" song from Little Shop of Horrors and laughing periodically. (for those of you who are confused, I work at a dentist office)

Also, the dishwasherish thing we have for cleaning instrument cassettes  has little pieces of tape to tell people whether it's clean or dirty, and a few weeks back I decided to write "feed meeee" on the "dirty" tape, so now I'm considering renaming that dishwasherish thing Audrey II 'cause that's all I think of when I see that tape now.

And that's my thought for the day. Off to a doubleheader of work (I have to leave straight from the office to get to the stadium on time).

Monday, July 19, 2010

back to the routine

This morning came waaaaay too early. I even cheated and hit the snooze twice instead of the usual once. Oh well.

So I went to go see Little Shop of Horrors with my mom yesterday. A bit on the strange and awkwardly morbid side, but funny as all get-up. Definitely recommend it.

I should probably head off to work soon. Hasta luego.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

still busy

Shopping for a few family baby showers/newborns. Then going to a play. Still tired from yesterday. My sister did quite well on the rides, though, so now I know I'll have someone to go with me :)

Also, I finished the 7th Harry Potter book (I started it about 3 hours into the Gettysburg ride last week and finished the last 100ish pages on the way to Lake Compounce yesterday, so it really only took me about 7 hours to finish. I'm not a horribly slow reader, but for a 750-something page book, I feel quite accomplished).

And that's all I have for you right now.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

busy weekend

Off to Lake Compounce today with the family. Obviously the EGE won't be there to go on rides with me 'cause he's in Ohio, which kinda sucks, but whatever. And my parents are officially off their skulls 'cause they seem to think that taking my 6-year-old sister on the biggest rollercoaster in the park, because she is the right height, is a good idea. I first went on it when I was, like, 11, and I was scared pantsless. I'm fine now, but that's 'cause I'm old and I can handle it. I don't think that my sister is a wuss, but she's 6 for crying out loud! She'll be terrified and emotionally scarred from going on a 60+mph wooden roller coaster. :P

'Tis all. Bye :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

things i've learned this week

(in no particular order)
  1. Eating at 10:30 at night sucks. Thank you to whoever the idiots at work were that made those they people discontinue the hot dog breaks.
  2. To volleyball players, pants are a foreign concept. (in case they were wondering, Spandex pants)
  3.  It's actually not that hard to sleep on a coach bus full of people... until someone has the brilliant idea to put Quantum of Solace on and wake everyone up.
  4. Our school is famous in the northeastern US yearbook world; whenever we told a staff member who we were, they were all like "Oh, you're that school," referring to the fact that not only are we understaffed (at most we'll have 15 people), we have to publish the yearbook and the school newspaper with that staff.
  5. Using our school's obsession with the newest Toy Story movie to partially justify our title ("To Infinity and Beyond") could've saved our score on our yearbook theme packet.
  6. Our new adviser is cool enough that he's not only cool with us pulling "that's what she said" jokes and other raunchy stuff, he joins in with us. (6a: he's also considering getting us a chocolate milk machine for the room)
  7. A yearbook takes a LOT of work to make. We're in for a challenge.

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    heading home

    I'm posting now since I don't think I'll have internet until I get home, and it's a long bus ride, and I'm horribly sleep deprived so I'm probably gonna just go home and go to bed.

    This week has been fun, and I think we've gotten a pretty good handle on what's gonna happen for our yearbook this year.

    See you when I get home. Maybe. Depends on if I'm awake.

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    pigs do fly

    Gotta hand it to the NL for pulling off their first All-Star win since '96. I wasn't able to watch it, like on a TV, but I had the ESPN GameCast up on my computer. It kinda made me mad though 'cause I had to turn off my computer for like 15 minutes 'cause I had to go back to my dorm and take a shower, and of course  those 15 minutes is when Brian McCann hit that 3-run double that won the game. Also, Timmy didn't pitch, which kinda stuck, but to be perfectly honest, he hasn't had a stellar season and shouldn't've been on the roster.

    Oh well. We gotta finish our theme project packet, so enjoy your Wednesday.

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    such class

    While most other groups at the camp are busy spending their free time creating their theme packets or engaging themselves in the history of Gettysburg, here we are, planning on how we can sneak "that's what she said" jokes into our yearbook. Regardless, it'll be a fun year with this group.

    Congrats going out to Big Papi for winning the Home Run Derby last night with 31 homers. He's the first Sox player to win that, and he's probably the only Sox representation in the whole All-Star break, but that's aside the point.

    In sadder news, George Steinbrenner died this morning in Florida. Sure, I hate the Yankees with a passion, and there's quite a few kinks in baseball history because of him and his leadershipness. But this guy was one of the big-shot names in the sport, and he was basically the face of modern baseball and all its glory (I mean, hey, even I've heard of this guy), so it's only fair to recognize this fallen baseball mogul.

    I guess that's all for now. Hasta luego :)

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    pulling things together

    Day two. My computer problems have been resolved, and other computer problems in the group have been temporarily fixed. We've got the theme basically set for our yearbook (since we have to come up with a theme and a faux yearbook). And it isn't really hot out. So thumbs up for that.

    Now for the All-Star Game tomorrow. Ubaldo Jimenez and David Price are pitching. That'll be a long game. Oh well, it's not like I can watch it (though maybe on ESPN), and all the Sox are injured anyway...

    I guess that's it for now. Bye :)

    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    wi-fi is a lifesaver

    Hooray for being able to post "abroad"! I guess this kinda defeats the purpose of me bringing the DLGM notebook, but that's ok. Having wi-fi is one of the things that made me happy when a bunch of things went wrong today.

    Getting up at 4am is not fun. EVER. And then we took a van to the other side of the state, in the dark (though by the time we got there it wasn't really dark any more...). And then we got off the van and onto a really nice coach bus that was s'posed to leave at 7:30 but for some reason the bus driver left before anyone other than us got there, so we got to the second stop waaaaay too early. And then we had to go back to where we got picked up to pick up some more people, which put us behind schedule for the other two stops.

    We finally got here at around 1ish, checked in... and then realized that the check-in place was about 5 blocks away from our dorm building. So we trudged there with all our crap (and it was really sunny and hot) and then the building is like a house so there's no elevator and we had to lug our suitcases up the stairs which was not fun.

    Orientation, whatever whatever. I go to head to my lab class, which is a class on InDesign, and I find out that the classroom is locked and there's no teacher around, so I freak out 'cause my schedule is screwed up, run to the dining hall for what was left of the first dinner wave and go to the second session class.

    And then I find out that not only is my computer not equipped with the proper plug-ins that the assistants put on everyone else's computers, I don't  even have InDesign on the computer. And you can't really take a class on InDesign without the program.

    When all is said and done, I'm gonna have to use our adviser's computer for InDesign stuffs, which kinda sucks. I guess I just got the dysfunctional computer (InDesign problems aside, this computer kinda pisses me off 'cause you have to slam on the backspace key for it to work. And I don't like Macs anyway). And the dysfunctional schedule.

    So I guess that now you don't get much for guest posts, though I told the EGE that he could still guest post if he wants. Woohoo for more confusion :P

    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    one more last hurrah

    Just wanted a final "bye" before I go to bed and try to get some sleep before waking up waaaay too early tomorrow. Hopefully I'll either have Internet access so I can post, or the EGE will do some kickass guest posts while I'm gone. Either way, all is not lost.

    See y'all when I get back!

    Friday, July 9, 2010

    last hurrah

    Today will probably be my last post for a while 'cause I'm going up to Boston tomorrow for the Futures at Fenway games, then I'm off to Middle-of-Nowhere, Pennsylvania (a.k.a. Gettysburg) for a yearbook/journalism school thing at buttcrack-hour Sunday morning, and I won't be back til late Thursday.

    I might have Internet access 'cause we'll have computers, but just in case, I'll be continuing DLGM (and in a retypable format this time), and I've also persuaded the EGE to maybe guest post a bit while I'm gone. Mostly to try and save my good posting string (which, for the record, has been at least one post per day since the end of January).

    Whatever happens, enjoy your week and I shall update you all on my festivities when I return. Ta ta!

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    haiku fun

    Haiku posts are fun
    Not original ideas
    But I have no time

    Have to go to work
    Then I'm going out to eat
    With the EGE

    It's a new place
    I haven't been there before
    Hope I don't get lost

    I really should go
    Need to put the dog outside
    Today won't be so hot

    Enjoy your Thursday, folks
    Hope it brings you lots of fun
    See y'all tomorrow

    Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    the devil's post

    Psht, it's just a number people. Keep your pants on.

    The only original thing I have to say about the number 666 is that one of the dumpsters at my day job a few weeks back was #666 and it made me laugh. Not sure why.

    And cripes, that seems like the number of Sox players on the DL right now. I believe the official count is 11 (ok, I was off by a factor of 60.54-repeating, close enough).

    That's all I have for now. Keep cool (literally and figuratively)

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    you just know

    You know something's wrong when you watch a game and you don't recognize half the guys on your team. I mean, Nava has been on the team for a bit, but I've never even heard of Romero, Patterson and Doubront. And they're covering first base (oh FSM, please tell me Youk isn't hurt [EDIT, 9:43pm- effing eff, he is. Right foot.]), center field and pitcher, respectively. Those are kinda important positions to have to throw some newbies in. All the best to them, and to the (increasing number of) guys on the DL in their recoveries.

    of all people

    Yet another addition to the growing list of Sox on the DL. Unfortunately, since Buchholz now can't pitch for the All-Star Game, those "they" people selected Andy Pettitte to replace him in the roster. Being a Sox fan and therefore an anti-Stankees person, all I can say is "ew!" Same goes towards the middle infield for the AL All-Star starters.

    Today is going to suck majorly. It's s'posed to be like 100 out. I know I work in a building with AC, but I still have to water this morning, which takes about 2.5 hours or so, and it'll still be ungodly hot then. :P

    Oh well.

    Monday, July 5, 2010


    The Sox have like seventy bajillion people on the DL, and it's getting a little old. I realize that people get injured, but does it have to happen in droves? I mean, during the San Fran series a few weeks back we had a person injured every game, and it seems like every time I read my ESPN news feed, yet another guy gets put on the DL for an injury that just magically appeared. Cripes, they practically have an entire lineup of people on the DL right now. All they need is a first baseman and another outfielder. But please don't take that as a challenge. Please.

    Anyway. I feel like a jerk right now 'cause of the whole "everyone wants me to hang out and I can't" thing, especially since now I learn that I could've done something with my friends today. Even if it was something small like hanging out and watching a few episodes of Firefly or acting like 5-year-olds and going to the playground. Grrrr.

    Sunday, July 4, 2010

    of course

    I love how everyone always wants to get together only when I'm busy (note the sarcasm there). I realize I do work two jobs, but I'm not always busy. And I do appreciate people wanting to hang out. I just don't like the timing. Hang in there guys, I'm not intentionally abandoning you.

    Unfortunately, that's all I have for you, 'cause I have to work this afternoon, so I have to get stuff done now. Happy 4th!

    Saturday, July 3, 2010

    stuffy noses suck

    Especially 'cause I have to go do grounders (ugh) this morning and then I have to work from 3 til who knows when. Life is not going to be good today.

    Oh well. Happy July 3rd.

    Friday, July 2, 2010

    a-hunting i will go

    Not real hunting, I like venison but let my stepdad do the dirty work. Also, I don't think I'd have the guts to kill something bigger than a bug, or that chipmunk that accidentally ran in front of my car a few weeks back (I felt horrible after I hit that poor thing).

    Anyway, my mom sent me on the task of finding info about college tours for this summer. Yes, my mom asked me to go online. Le gasp! It's really not that hard to find info, CollegeBoard has a profile for pretty much every college in existence and links to all the important sites for those colleges. Hooray for not having to do much work! :)

    Last night's concert was AWESOME. I dragged the EGE with me (not in the same car, that'd be illegal), and we met up with Laura and a few of her friends and gave each other piggy back rides and tackled each other and did all sorts of silly things. And then we went to Laura's friend Hannah's house (which is right down the street from me) to play Scattergories. I felt really stupid 'cause I had never played it before... until I realized that we had played it in Spanish class this year under the name "Explosión." Go me. I kicked butt at it though :)

    In baseball news, Alex got voted to the triple-A All-Star Game, which is cool. I mean, yeah, I'm pissed that he's there and not in the majors, and his batting average has had a slow and steady decline, but I can't complain 'cause he's doing a lot better there than he has in the majors.

    And that's all I have for you today. Enjoy your Friday!

    Thursday, July 1, 2010


    Ok, that's just freakish. 33 posts for each of the past 4 months. I swear that's a coincidence.

    Anyway, not much to say here, mostly 'cause I don't have time and I'm going to a local concert tonight and who knows when I'll be back.

    Another shoutout to the EGE for actually getting his licence, even though he didn't listen to me when I told him it wasn't worth freaking out about (I do know what I'm talking about sometimes). And also for dealing with my nonsense at the mall. I will shamefully admit, trying on ridiculous shoes and trying to walk in them is quite fun :)

    And that's all I have for you 'cause I gotta go to work. Hasta viernes.