Wednesday, June 16, 2010

still hoping

I really hope it doesn't rain today. I mean, worst case scenario, I pull out my umbrella 'cause I'm bringing my backpack 'cause I have a yearbook, my keys and stuff and 2 camera cases to bring.

Speaking of which, when I got my summer yearbook camera yesterday, I didn't realize until I got home that they gave me the wrong size memory card. It wasn't too much space in terms of memory, it physically wouldn't fit in the slot. It was like twice the size of the card slot. When I go to school at 12 to catch the picnic bus at 12:30, I'll go talk to the yearbook teacher so I can get the right size card. And again, worst case scenario, I just use my own memory card from my camera and then explain that some of the pictures are from my camera.

Oh, I forgot to mention this when I saw it, but apparently there's no rush to bring Alex back to the majors, which kinda sucks particularly 'cause the Royals are coming up to Yankee Stadium in July and one of the local parks & rec programs is sponsoring a trip ('cause even though Yankees tickets are coveted, Royals/Yankees tickets are probably the easiest to get). And hey, Alex went 4 for 5 the other night with 3 doubles and 2 runs. Of course, he went 0-for-3 last night with 3 walks, but hey, 4 for 5 is a heck of a feat.

One last thing: apparently I'm a sucky fellow blogger 'cause I completely missed the Amateur Geek's 2-year anniversary which was... June 10th (wow, EGE, we both missed it by a lot. Way to go.) So yeah. Congrats for that, looking forward to more intellectual gobbledegook from you :)

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