Saturday, June 12, 2010

song rampage

Nothing particularly stellar has happened in the world of baseball lately, so this will be a music post instead.

Within the past... month or so, ish, I've gotten ahold of the Kill Bill soundtrack (I needed it for the supervillain video I made for the EGE's Spanish class), the Juno soundtrack 'cause I just saw it recently and the second most recent Modest Mouse CD. I've gotten a lot more open about what I listen to lately, and these 3 CDs are pretty good.

The Kill Bill soundtrack is a mishmash of stuff, my personal favorites are "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" (which is the one in that video) because it is just so epic, and also the Santa Esmeralda cover of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood".

The soundtrack to Juno definitely fits the movie, which was also very good, and it's good car music 'cause it's mostly upbeat but still pretty chill. I like most of the songs on the CD so I'm not going to list them 'cause that'd be boring.

The Modest Mouse CD was a second go for me, since I had listened to it when the EGE bought it and I couldn't get over the weirdness of the music and the annoyingness of Isaac Brock's voice. But then I saw that Modest Mouse was coming to the state this summer, figured I could buy the EGE some tickets to be nice and then realized "Well, heck, if I'm taking him to a concert, I should listen to the music." It was a lot better the second time, having opened my music tastes quite a bit. Brock's voice still annoys me a bit in some songs but overall I like the CD, particularly "Dashboard" and "Steam Engenius". Now I just need to get ahold of the newest CD.

And that, my dear readers, is what has been going through my head lately. Also my shopping trip today which was nice at first and then went downhill towards the pit of disappointment.

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