Saturday, June 26, 2010

a smattering of stuff

Because "smattering" is a cool word.

T-Ball picnic was eh. I got pelted with peaches that fell off our tree prematurely. Those things hurt, ya know.

I was also reading the news last night and saw an article about a cat in an Atlanta animal shelter, and I knew right from the title why the cat was at all newsworthy. Thank you, AP bio. (Here's the article so I don't have to bore you with the biological explanation)

After that, I was fooling around on and saw that the D-Back's Edwin Jackson had a no-no going into the ninth against the Rays (it's always against the Rays, isn't it?). Being a good little baseball fan, I didn't say anything but pulled up the GameCast to watch him secure the 267th no-no in the history of the MLB. Boy was it a rough one. 149 pitches, 8 walks and only 1 run of support to back him up. So congrats to E-Jack for that.

Also in the realm of the MLB, the Sox are playing the Giants this weekend (they lost 6-5 last night), and they'll be facing Madison Bumgarner tonight, which I'll probably be able to catch a bit of, depending on what time I get home from work. Lester is pitching against Lincecum tomorrow, so that'll be a really good game too; again, I should be home in time to watch it.

Finally, tonight's the opening night for the Connecticut Tigers, meaning it's going to be real busy. Probably not as busy as that UConn/Oregon game (great googly moogly was that insane) but it should be pretty well-attended.


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You know what else is a cool word? ;)

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